Top 9 Locations You Can Have Fresh Air Without Getting Away From Istanbul In Winter

Many people living in Istanbul are depressed in the winter months due to the weather and the busy work tempo. This situation ends with the search for fresh air, as well as weekend escape and searches for a place to move away from the noise of the city. The ticket costs, the place to stay, many of the plans are imagined. But of course, there are other options to change this unhappy end! If you fall into this wrong, the locations we will give you a little later will allow you to take a short break in life, fill up energy and soak up the air. There are many places where there is fresh air, which is quite close to Istanbul, which can be a day trip or a weekend stay. Here are 9 locations where you can get fresh air without getting away from Istanbul in winter!


Maşukiye, Kocaeli Province

Maşukiye, located in Kocaeli, is an excellent choice for fresh air in the winter months. Maşukiye is situated on the skirts of Kartepe and the shores of Lake Sapanca. The region has a magnificent beauty in all four seasons. When you go to this place covered with waterfalls, you can taste great tastes in trout restaurants, or you can buy organic products. You can also see the creeks and forests. Considering the word “Mashuk” means “in love”, you may fall in love here.


Polonezköy, Istanbul


Another option for those who want to enjoy the fresh air without departing from Istanbul is Polonezköy where you can have a pleasant breakfast and take long walks in the forest. After some fresh air, you can visit the Zofia Rizi Memorial House, ride the ATV, visit self-catering venues or get horse riding training.


Ballıkayalar, Kocaeli

Here is a natural wonder you will be fascinated with; Ballıkayalar! Ballıkayalar Nature Park, located in the Gebze district of Kocaeli province, is a canyon-like park with a length of 1.5 km. It’s passing through a stream. You can see every shade of green in this place, which is a place for campers and rock climbing lovers, and it is possible to breathe clean air without getting away from Istanbul.


Erikli Plateau, Yalova

Located in Yalova, Erikli Plateau is an excellent alternative to escape the noise of the city. When you arrive at Erikli Plateau, you can also see beauties like Dipsiz Lake and Double Waterfall. The plateau is not currently used for plateau purposes, but it is one of the stops for nature lovers and picnickers. It also has a beautiful ecosystem. You can see waterfalls, streams, pathways, forests and plateaus in the region.


Uçmakdere, Tekirdag


Uçmakdere Village, which is connected to Şarköy district of Tekirdağ, has a fantastic view and an extraordinary nature. It is known by many to be the most beautiful village of Thrace. You can taste organic food and enjoy the view while you are breathing clean air at high altitudes.


Abant, Bolu

Abant Lake, located within the boundaries of Bolu province, is 30 km from the centre. It is an excellent area for those who want to get fresh air and walk. The area around the lake is 7 km long. That means a 1.5-hour walk. Here you can discover the hiking paths in the forest and enjoy the pleasant moments.


Nüzhetiye Waterfall, Kocaeli

Nüzhetiye Waterfall is located in Gölcük district of Kocaeli. Located 125 kilometres from Istanbul, this place has a magnificent nature hiking trail. While you are on your way, you can see the different waterfalls and the best of the trees. You can also make a delicious breakfast before you start walking.


Kerpe, Kocaeli Province


Kerpe is 50 km from Izmit and 10 km from Kandira, is a great village covered with pine forests and has a deep blue sea. There is a great pine tree air in the area. If you like to look at the blue sea in winter and soak up the sea air, you might enjoy this place a lot.


Cumalıkızık, Bursa

Cumalıkızık Village, which has a history of 600 years and listed in UNESCO World Heritage List, has a beautiful atmosphere in winter. Inside the village, the most spectacular examples of Ottoman civil architecture can be seen. There are 270 Ottoman houses in total. You can start your day with a splendid breakfast in this cleanly airy place.  Cumalıkızık is a great weekend getaway option for those who are overwhelmed by busy business tempo and city noise.

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