Release yourself to be the heart of a fascinating retreat designed for transformation. Pera Spa By Spa Luxury accommodates a tailormade way to your personal well-being where experienced touches are the basis of our guest experience on a large area of 400 m2.

Intertwined with the historical character of the Pera Palace Hotel, provides its traditional backgrounds for its guests with a luxurious and modern presentation approach. Our dedication to wellbeing concentrates on basic traditional experience with present expertise. Guests leave feeling nourished, filtered, pleased and relieved.

Pera Spa By Spa Luxury welcomes guests staying at Pera Palace Hotel as well as the guests who do not stay at the hotel. With an ergonomic Technogym equipment, the well-equipped fitness center is waiting for you to have a relaxing time in the indoor pool and jacuzzi with its jet stream feature.

With its modern design and its latest ergonomic Technogym equipment, Pera Palace Hotel’s Fitness studio forms a calming and refreshing workout environment as well as a relaxing time in the indoor pool and jacuzzi with its jet stream feature.

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Exclusive Massages

Forever considerate and meticulous for its distinguished guests, Pera Spa By Spa Luxury provides you with an enjoyable massage with skilled therapists. Among the classics, Aroma Massage, Sports Massage, Relaxing Massage, Classic Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage help you relish your time. You can also say goodbye to the tiredness by experiencing Bali Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage and massages from several regions of the world.


Orient Express Care Package

It is relaxing, unique and enjoyable care that consists of pouches and local body massages in a traditional Turkish bath, which lasts only 60 minutes for the guests with little time.


Greta Garbo Beauty Package

The care session dedicated to Greta Garbo starts with a nourishing and intense mask with Vinoble Refresh and a relaxing facial massage, which continues with a 45-minute pouch session.


H.E.L.L.L Jetlag Fix Package

This care package is created based on the initials of the names of the world’s first pilot team stayed at the Pera Palace Hotel. (Henry H. Ogden, Erik Nelson, Lowell H. Smith, Leslie Arnnol, Leigh P. Wade) It is applied by using warm essential oils in the traditional Turkish bath to dismiss Jetlag after the flight.


A Day At Pera Spa By Spa Luxury

Determination of Requirements

During your first meeting with our spa center, our receptionist will present you a short consultation to define the most appropriate therapy to assess your needs. If you have any health problems or a problem, we would especially ask you to share this with the receptionist.


Getting Your Therapy

We provide all the materials you need for therapy at our center. There is no need to wear or bring a particular garment.


Your privacy is protected throughout your spa treatment.
Because you are recommended to use sauna and steam to make your care more efficient, you should be at our center 20 minutes before the start of your therapy.
You can use your phone in silent mode at the spa center.
Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to access the spa center.
​If you cancel your appointment, please notify us in advance of 3 hours.

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