10 Well-disposed Locations For Weekend Getaway in Istanbul and Surroundings

If you want to get away from the concrete and the crowds quickly, listen to your head and let yourself fall into the romantic atmosphere of autumn, listen to these suggestions. Here are ten peaceful locations for a weekend break in and around Istanbul.



Yedigöller, which is a natural wonder and carries its beauty to the tops in autumn, is 4-5 hours away from Istanbul. Of course, when you come to Yedigöller, challenging and lengthy roads are forgotten. If you want to take pictures in autumn, walk among various trees, camp and stay in bungalows, Yedigöller National Park is waiting for you.


Şile, located in Beykoz district of Istanbul, can be crowded because of the intense interest in the summer season. Therefore, it is one of the locations that are arbitrary in the spring and autumn seasons. It is also possible to stay in this beautiful location, just an hour away from Istanbul.


PolonezköyLocated quite close to Istanbul, Polonezkoy is a great location to get away from the city. Many activities can be done in this sweet place, which is intertwined with nature and which takes its name from the Polish people who settled here in the late 1800s. You can make delicious breakfasts, eat meat dishes, join glass workshops, ride ATVs and horses in this sweet place in autumn.

Belgrade Forest

Belgrad Forest, with many trails and one of European Side’s favorite destinations, is one of the most enjoyable escape routes. If you want to do pleasant walks and runs in the autumn, you can stop by the Belgrad Forest and choose the course that suits you. You can also barbecue in selected particular areas.


RivaRiva is profoundly preferred during the summer months, just like Şile. However, it does not mean that it is not beautiful in autumn. If you want to get away from the crowd and listen to yourself, you can choose Riva.

Garipçe Village

Would you like to get away from the chaos of the city while you are in the city? Then your address is, of course, Garipçe Village. Garipçe is an old fishing village located 10 km away from Sarıyer. The village between Rumelifeneri and Rumelikavağı offers an excellent atmosphere for eating fish, making breakfast.


iğneadaIf you want to enjoy the sun, the sea and the fresh air in the autumn, your place is of course İğneada.  Next to the Longoz Forests, the forest behind you, the Black Sea region in front of you, is one of the resort sites. There are places to camp in the area.


A paradise near Istanbul! You can enjoy the beautiful view and fresh air by going to Ballıkayalar Nature Park, which is only 45 minutes away from Istanbul. You can also do trekking, rock climbing, camping and picnic in the area.


sapancaLocated one or two hours away from Istanbul, Sapanca is one of the places where you can go for fresh air and a beautiful lake view. In the autumn you can visit Sapanca and take a bike ride on the 16-km course around Sapanca Lake, have a picnic and try trout restaurants.

Prince Islands

Prince IslandsOne of the most visited locations in Istanbul, the Prince Islands, namely Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, and Kınalıada are very tranquil in the autumn. If you want to get away from Istanbul for a short time, you can come to the Prince Islands in the autumn, spend your weekend here, witness spectacular views and ride bikes.


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