Istanbul’s Most Popular Biking Trails

Bike started to be included in daily life in Istanbul. But it is still not fully integrated. Still, many people wonder about the best bike trails in Istanbul. Here are the best bike trails in Istanbul where you can pedal with the peace of mind at the weekend or on weekdays!



When it is called ”Istanbul’s best bike trails en, one of the first ones to come to mind with its natural beauty and length is Büyükada. You can take your bike to the island by ferry or rent a bicycle from there. When you go to the island, you will see two tours. One of them is a 12 km long tour, and the other is a standard tour. If you’re looking for a route with plenty of challenges, choose the big tour that’s sure to have plenty of slopes!

Rumelifeneri- Kilyos

 We go to the most extreme point of Istanbul in the Black Sea; Rumelifeneri! This route, which is quite close to the city and so calm, is a stopover for cyclists. Close to 80 km long, this route has sea, fresh air, forest … So what else you need?

Kuruçeşme- Sarıyer

 Do you want to watch the magnificent view of the Bosphorus while riding a bike? Then go to the Kurucesme-Sariyer line. There are many cycling areas on this route. Therefore, tea and coffee breaks can be easily given. On your way to this line, you have a unique adventure with the view of Istanbul. If you prefer this route on a sunny day, do not forget to choose the morning hours when there are little sun and fewer people!

Belgrad Forest


Belgrad Forest, which is easily accessible, is an enjoyable route for those who want to ride in the forest air. You will have a quiet and peaceful tour in this forest, which has 16 km of tracks.


 In Istanbul, but far from the crowds, Polonezköy is one of the places loved by the people of Istanbul. Because it is a place that has won hearts with its possibilities and nature, you can also walk here, or you can go cycling. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a bike; because there are places where you can rent bikes. In the meantime, let’s say the track is rugged!

Caddebostan Beach


Caddebostan Coast, which is a popular stopover for a bike, skateboarding and walking lovers, is on the beach. Whether you’re running or cycling here, you’ll have to stop by this fantastic park. When you are tired of the course which has a length of 5 km, you can throw yourself on the greenery. You can enjoy the view while sipping your tea.

Ortaköy- Yenikoy Coast


The Ortaköy-Yeniköy line, which has a length of 10.5 km, an uneven structure and a magnificent view, is a frequently preferred route. That’s why there is a possibility that this route might be crowded on weekends. So don’t forget to choose early in the morning or the weekdays for the bike.

Aydos Forest

 Aydos Forest is an ideal route which is frequently used for walking, jogging and cycling on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. 13 km length of this route, a pleasant journey between glass trees are waiting for you. The only thing to be careful about this route is that you don’t go over speed.

Florya- Yeşilköy Cycling Road

 Florya-Yeşilköy bicycle line, which has been used in recent years and still not fully explored, is one of the routes that you can ride with the sea view. Reaching Yeşilköy beach from Florya is possible.

Bostanci-Kartal Coast

 If you have completed the bike trail in Caddebostan and if you want to continue, Bostancı-Kartal coastline is a must try. Here are the things to consider is the people who picnic. For this reason, it may take a while to get over a speed. So it seems reasonable to choose early morning and weekdays.


 Would you like to go through forests, villages, streams while cycling? This region between Yoros and Riva will over-motivate you. You can start from Yoros and reach the Anatolian Lighthouse, and then you can go to Riva. Don’t forget to draw a lot of oxygen to the inside!


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