The Top 10 Must-See Locations In Istanbul During Spring Months

Spring begins to show her face slightly. The sun shines more, the flowers blossom, and everywhere is getting greener. When it’s like this, we’re all wiggling! We want to escape the noise and traffic of Istanbul. While dealing with our jobs and other things we are looking for escape points close to Istanbul or in Istanbul. If you’re looking for locations close to Istanbul for day trips, accommodation or camping, continue reading! Here are ten places you should visit in and around Istanbul in the spring.

Maşukiye, Kocaeli Province


Maşukiye, which is the first place to visit in the spring near İstanbul, is located between Sapanca Lake and Kartepe. While walking here, you will admire the architecture of the region. You will also eat delicious fish in trout farms and restaurants in the area. Do not forget to try trout in Maşukiye, which is 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Istanbul.

Polonezköy, Istanbul

If you want to get away from Istanbul within Istanbul; Your address is Polonezköy located 15 km away from the city centre. Polonezköy, which is suitable for both daily and weekend getaways, has a different beauty in every season. You can also make delicious breakfasts here, get riding lessons, experience self-catering places and hike trails.

İğneada, Kırklareli


İğneada, a town in the district of Demirköy, is a natural wonder. It has golden yellow sand and the largest floodplain forest in Europe. You can also visit the Floodplain Forest, the Dupnisa Cave, the İğneada Lighthouse and the Demirköy Fatih Foundry.

Cumalıkızık, Bursa

Bursa, Gölyazı, Trilye, Mudanya and Cumalıkızık towns are great locations for history and gastronomy enthusiasts. Of course, it is imperative to do proper planning before you start to visit these resorts. Therefore, you can start your day by making a tight breakfast in Cumalıkızık which is 155 kilometres away, and you can visit other towns. When you get here, do not forget to take pictures in front of the Ottoman houses, Ethnography Museum, Şaitabat Waterfall and Mudanya Armistice Building.

Kandıra, Kocaeli Province

Being in Kocaeli, Kandira is rich in natural beauties. When you come here, you can camp in Sarisu which is a tranquil place near the town centre. You can see the Pink Rocks in Kefken and have a pleasant village breakfast in the Kandıra Table.

Safranbolu, Karabuk


Safranbolu, one of the unique corners of Karabük, has a magnificent atmosphere with its historical details. Kaymakamlar House, İncekaya Aqueduct and Safranbolu Houses reveal the historical beauties of the region. Don’t forget to visit the Crystal Terrace and the Bulak Mencilis Cave when you come here.

Kiyikoy, Kirklareli Province

Kıyıköy, which is an alternative to İğneada, is 2 hours away from İstanbul. This place in Vize district of Kırklareli is a stopover for trekking lovers. If you want to get away from Istanbul and get plenty of oxygen; Kıyıköy is the correct address. If you like fishing, you can relax by catching fish in the cliffs. Do not forget to visit the Monastery of Aya Nikola.

Yedigöller, Bolu


Yedigöller is one of the places loved by Istanbulites. Each of the lakes in this region has a distinct beauty. Since 1965, the district is protected as a national park trout production is also done. When you come here, you can enjoy relaxing nature walks, enjoy the view in Kapankaya, buy trout from the farms located in the back of Seringol and cook trout.

Amasra, Bartin

If you want to go a little further out of Istanbul, you can go to Amasra, which is 457 kilometres away from Istanbul. With a history of 3 thousand years, this place stands out with its beaches, natural beauties and historical buildings. When you get here, don’t forget to visit Karaman Village and drink tea under the Weeping Tree, which is estimated to be 300 years old. You can eat fish and Amasra salad at this place, which has a beautiful beauty in spring.

Kaz Mountains, Canakkale-Balikesir

If you are a camping enthusiast and want plenty of oxygen, you must visit the Kaz Mountains. When you come here, we have the Sarıkız Tomb, which has a fascinating story. Besides, don’t forget to visit the Olive Oil Museum with free admission and taste the village bread.


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