Indoor Activities To Spend Your Time Best In Winter

Let’s say goodbye to the sunny days; the winter is coming, the cold weather came to the door! Most of our country is having cold winter days with low temperatures. So, what can be done to have a pleasant time in winter? Winter doesn’t mean to sleep in the house and wait for the time to pass, and enjoy the summer under the blanket! Although not as comfortable as summer months, there are many activities that can be done in winter. In this article, we have prepared enjoyable indoor activities that can be done in winter. Here are some suggestions you can make to make your winter enjoyable!


1. Movie nights


The cinema is the most enjoyable indoor activity that you can do in the winter with your loved ones in the cinema or at home. This time you will spend without worrying about the severe weather conditions will add something to you in a cultural sense and will make you spend your time in the best way. Don’t forget to crown the night with popcorn and sip your warm coffee in such delightful movie nights!


2. More books

Another delightful indoor activity is meeting more books! Because in order to enrich your imagination and knowledge/culture, you will not find a more suitable season than winter. You can spend more time to enjoy yourself without lousy weather, and you can enrich your reading list by reading lots of books. For this, you can even choose the warm atmosphere of libraries!


3. Game excitement

Another activity that you can spend your time in cold weather is group games. For this, you can play many games at home with your friends like Uno, Tabu, Sayko. Or horror games etc. You can choose playgrounds. In this way, you will spend a good time, and you will accumulate pleasant memories with your friends!


4. Ice skating


Ice skating, which has a pleasant winter activity, can be done not only in open areas but also in indoor spaces. Moreover, there are many ice rinks in Istanbul where you can skate indoors. You can also choose to have fun with your friends to spend a fun time so that you can have a new hobby.


5. Spa enjoyment

Would you like to spend a day relaxing to get away from the cold atmosphere of the winter days and feel the time for yourself? If yes, the spa can be an activity for you. For this, you can choose the spa centres of the hotels in Istanbul and leave your day with unique relaxation activities such as Turkish bath, sauna, massage and hot pool.


6. Multipart puzzle


In winter we spend more time at home! However, it is not necessary to go outside the house to spend a pleasant time. For example, starting a multi-piece puzzle can make your days extremely enjoyable and make the most of your time. You sit at the table in front of the glass and enjoy a multi-piece puzzle and enjoy the time as water sinks!


7. Stage performances

How about going to those activities that you cannot spend time enjoying the sea and the sun in summer? There are many stage performances in the winter months. For this, you are eagerly waiting for the theatre and so on. More time for stage performances make sure you spend your time in the best way, and you will feel better!


8. Warm hobbies

There are many ways to have a pleasant time at home in cold weather. One of them is to get hobbies that keep you warm! You can sip your scarf, scarves and sweaters while sipping your saleb and you can give them to your loved ones. After all, you will feel happy, and you will feel very comfortable.

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