A Weekend Getaway To Bursa. What To Eat? Where To Stay? Where To See?

Bursa, considered to be the fourth largest city in our country, is flocking to visitors in every period of the year due to its historical and natural beauties. Research also shows that Bursa is one of the happiest cities in our country. The proximity to Istanbul makes this beautiful city especially attractive for Istanbulites. How about making a little Bursa getaway on the weekend when the weather is getting warm? What places to visit in Bursa? What to eat in Bursa? Where to stay? Here are answers to all these questions and everything about Bursa!


Where to see in Bursa?


In addition to the natural beauties in Bursa, there are many historical beauties that you can see because of the history. Grand Mosque of Bursa, Bursa Han, which is one of the valuable trade centers of Anatolia in the past, Green Medrese from the first Ottoman madrasahs, Atatürk House Museum, Emir Sultan Mosque and Complex, Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi tombs, Irgandi Bridge, Tophane Clock Tower, Bursa Castle are only a few of the historical beauties that you should see in Bursa.


What to do in Bursa?


You can complete a long weekend by visiting Bursa to see the beauties of Bursa. Well, if you need to look at the issue from a different perspective, what should be done in Bursa during this trip? Here are the suggestions that we do not return without making them in Bursa:

  • Explore the village of Cumalıkızık, reflecting the Ottoman times with its stone streets, historic houses and an excellent village breakfast.
  • Take a walk in the charming streets of Mudanya and Trilye, where the Greeks live, before the population exchange.
  • Enjoy breakfast or fish in Gölyazı, a quiet fishing village.
  • Travel to history in Iznik where there are many firsts such as the first mosque of the Ottoman Empire and the first madrasa.
  • Take the cable car to Uludag and watch Bursa from here.
  • Visit the Suuçtu Waterfall in the Karadere River, the best known of the waterfalls around Bursa. Make a picnic or nature trip here.
  • In the way of Uludag, drink tea under the 600-year-old monument Inkaya Plane Tree.


What to eat and drink in Bursa?


Some of the tastes of Bursa should be tried: İskender kebab, meatball with pita, cantik, İnegöl meatballs, chestnut kebab, chestnut sweet, catfish, Mihaliç cheese, Kemalpaşa dessert, pancake, walnut delight, raspberry jam.


Where to stay in Bursa?

Because Bursa is a big city, it has many accommodation options. Bursa hotels are mostly gathered in the centre and Uludag region. Uludağ hotels can be a bit expensive in winter time, but it is possible to find suitable accommodation options in every central area. During your trip to Bursa, you can also stay in old houses in the charming Bursa villages of Cumalızık and Trilye.


How to get to Bursa?

It is possible to reach Bursa by sea bus, car and airway. You can go from Istanbul to Mudanya and transfer from Mudanya to Bursa centre. You can travel from Mudanya to the city centre in your personal car or by bus number F / 3.

In addition to this, you can use the sea bus option which takes approximately 2 hours for passengers only in Istanbul from Kabatas or Buyukcekmece.

You can reach Bursa from Istanbul with your vehicle by using Osman Gazi Bridge for 2 hours.

As for the Airline option, there are scheduled flights from Anadolu Jet to the surrounding cities of Bursa Yenişehir Airport. You can also use the airline option to evaluate them.

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