Top 9 Best Activities to Do in Istanbul in Hot Weather

As the sun showed its face, we slowly started to leave our homes, which we closed during the winter. Because on sunny days Istanbul is another beautiful! And there are numerous activities to do compared to the winter months! But what to do in this beautiful city in hot weather? Here are 9 enjoyable activities that will allow you to enjoy Istanbul in the summer!

  1. Picnic


As one of our favourite activities as a nation, the picnic is held in the summer months in its most beautiful form. Moreover, there are still delightful places for a picnic in Istanbul. You can take your picnic basket and visit the parks and forests of Istanbul with your loved ones, and you can enjoy the warm weather.

  1. Bicycle


Cycling is one of the most enjoyable activities in the summer months. There are many coastlines and forest trails for cycling in Istanbul. You can also take a bicycle tour to enjoy the beautiful weather and witness the unique views of Istanbul. You can even use the municipality’s rental bikes at specific points.

  1. Bosphorus Tour

Bosphorus Tour

Another great activity in Istanbul in hot weather is the Bosphorus tour. The magnificent colours of the city emerge as the sun shows its face. You can witness these colours in the Bosphorus tour in its most beautiful form. For this purpose, you can take the tour boats departing from districts like Beşiktaş, Ortaköy, Eminönü and enjoy the sea and the wind.

  1. Hiking

In summer, the forests of Istanbul are both fresh and colourful. You can enjoy the summer air with pleasant hiking and relax your mind. For this, you can choose locations such as Atatürk Arboretum and Belgrade Forest. Arboretum with its various tree species and small ponds is the perfect place for walking!

  1. Trip to Prince Islands

The summer months are ideal for visiting the Prince Islands, another beauty of Istanbul. The Princes’ Islands offer numerous activities such as cycling, swimming, hiking. You can also spend a day in the Princes’ Islands to walk the charming streets full of historic houses, ride bikes and enjoy the warm weather.

  1. Museum tour

Museum tour

Istanbul, which has been home to different civilizations for centuries, has many historical beauties in it. Some of these beauties are located in the museums of Istanbul, and some are in the streets of Istanbul. You can visit the museums of Istanbul to make a pleasant cultural trip on hot summer days.

  1. Swimming

Although the sea cannot be accessed from many points due to sea pollution in Istanbul, the best activity that can be done in hot weather is of course swimming. For this, locations away from the city centre may be preferred (Sile, Riva, etc.). Besides, the swimming pools at many points are another option to enjoy the warm weather.

  1. Walking the historic streets

The Golden Horn, Eminönü and Sultanahmet regions, which are defined as Old Istanbul, are almost an open-air museum. These historic streets contain many beauties to discover. Similarly, Istanbul districts decorated with historical houses like Balat are ideal for exploring and disappearing on the streets.

  1. Shopping!

You can enjoy the heat in Istanbul with the activities above. But is it possible to do something by avoiding extreme heat? You can prefer shopping malls to enjoy shopping on hot days, so you can avoid the sun and enjoy the coolness. You can also enjoy shopping in the historic streets of Beyoglu.


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