Traveling Through Istanbul: The Freest Routes of the City


How would you like to discover the spirit of Istanbul, which has different identities in every neighborhood? With the route we have prepared, you will wander through the historical passages of Beyoğlu, touch the heart of art in the narrow streets of Galata and be enchanted by the past at Pera Museum. While moving from Taksim to Karaköy, you will be listening to the story of the Galata Tower and you will witness the endless view of this tower, which was once used as the guide for sailors. The narrow streets of Karaköy, Galataport and places where you can taste different flavors will fascinate you and allow you to meet tastes you never knew existed. On our Fener-Balat route, you will get to the hidden pearls of Istanbul and embark on a fairytale journey among the colorful houses. Get ready to discover the unique beauties of Istanbul, because this city will fascinate you and take a place in your heart with endless love!

The Spirit of Istanbul: Taksim and Beyoğlu

Beyoğlu, the cultural mosaic of Istanbul, is a unique district with traces of all periods. Undoubtedly, the most iconic point of the beloved district is the Taksim district. After passing the Atatürk Cultural Center, Taksim Republic Monument and Taksim Mosque, which welcome you to Taksim Square, you can start to stroll around İstiklal Street, which opens to a new world. You can visit the Çiçek Pasajı (Flower Passage), Suriye Pasajı (Syria Passage) and Rumeli Pasajı (Rumeli Passage) and visit the Botter and Mısır Apartments. You can catch the wind of nostalgia at Atlas Cinema and attend the unique exhibitions and events at Pera Museum. You can inhale the mystical atmosphere of old Istanbul at the Church of St. Anthony of Padua, Three Horan Church (Üç Horan Kilisesi) and Hagia Triada Greek Orthodox Church.

You can relieve the tiredness of the day with a coffee at Narmanlı Han. If you enjoy night entertainment, you can stop by the entertainment venues in the narrow streets of Beyoğlu or in Cihangir and enjoy live music on magical Istanbul nights.

From Galata Tower to Karaköy: Panoramic Beauties of Istanbul

When you walk downhill from Taksim Tunnel, Galata Tower welcomes you in all its glory. Located in the area called Kuledibi, Galata Tower is a tower from the time of the Genoese colonies where you can watch Istanbul with a panoramic view. The cafes, stylish restaurants and souvenir shops lined up around the Galata Tower add a modern feel to the area while reflecting the authentic atmosphere of old Istanbul. As you move towards the Karaköy, Commando Stairs, Ottoman Bank Museum, St. Pierre Han (Sen Piyer Hanı), Neve Shalom Synagogue and Arap Mosque greet you.

After Galata, you will reach Karaköy, which is the entrance of the Golden Horn. Karaköy offers you rich options for eating and drinking and taking photos with its old office buildings, historical bank buildings, buildings equipped with graffiti art and the recently opened Galataport project. At Galataport, you can have dinner with the sea view or take a sip of your coffee with your loved ones.

A Revel of Color Strolling Around the Streets: Fener and Balat


Fener and Balat is a great place to witness the colorful world of Istanbul. Located between Fener and Ayvansaray, Balat has hosted a large Jewish population in the past, so it hosts synagogues that have survived to the present day, as well as mosques and churches. Anyone who wants to feel Istanbul to the core should certainly immerse themselves in the streets of Balat for a day. After starting your Balat tour with the oldest synagogue in Istanbul, which is Ahrida Synagogue, you can turn your route to Düriye Sokak and visit the Surp Hreşdagabed Church. You can visit the Ferruh Kethüda Mosque, built by Mimar Sinan, in Balat. Also, when you are in Balat, you should certainly visit Saint Stephen’s Orthodox Church, which belongs to the Bulgarian community and was built from iron.

 Fener is a district where historical churches from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, educational institutions, traditional Greek architecture with bay windows and colorful mansions unite. Important churches such as the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate and the Metrology Church, as well as fascinating educational institutions such as the Private Maraşlı Greek Primary School and Phanar Greek Orthodox College, are also located here.

Restored, vibrantly colored old Fener houses are located at the intersection of Usturumca Street and Kiremit Street, located under the Phanar Greek Orthodox College. While walking in the district with its narrow and stone-paved streets, colorful wooden houses and the smell of iodine that hits the shores of the Golden Horn, you are going to feel like you are in the past.

Fener and Balat, hidden treasures in the heart of Istanbul, are must-see places for history buffs, photographers, and cultural travelers. Wandering around these districts provides an unforgettable experience of Istanbul’s past and cultural diversity.

Enjoy the Unique View from Pera to the Golden Horn: Pera Palace Hotel


Pera Palace Hotel is a unique monument of history and elegance that reflects the mystical atmosphere of Istanbul. Designed to host Europe’s legendary Orient Express train passengers at the end of the 19th century, the hotel takes you on a journey through time, comparing your every step with historical details from the moment you enter. With its wide corridors, elegant stairs and works of art on its walls, Pera Palace Hotel is proud to have hosted world-renowned writers, artists, and historical figures and continues to maintain this magical atmosphere and romance to this day. Extending from Pera to the Golden Horn in the heart of Istanbul, Pera Palace Hotel offers an unforgettable experience and invites its guests to a unique table. If you would like to see this fascinating atmosphere, stay in the comfortable rooms of the hotel, and taste its unique flavors, well then you can contact Pera Palace Hotel right away to book your place!


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