Romantic Place and Activity Suggestions for Lovers for an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day…

Unutulmaz Bir Sevgililer Günü İçin, Aşıklara Özel Romantik Mekan ve Aktivite Önerileri

The symbol of love, romance, and loyalty, February 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world every year. Lovers make this special day even more meaningful by buying gifts for each other, having special dinners, or planning short trips to spend romantic moments alone. Romantic venue and activity suggestions for couples who are preparing for venues and activities as Valentine’s Day approaches!

A Secluded and Intimate Atmosphere: Islands


Islands, which are popular in summer and spring as well as in high demand in winter can be the right choice for those who want to spend a special night alone in a romantic atmosphere. You can take a tour with your loved one while holding each other’s hands in the Islands, accompanied by a magnificent view, and taste the flavors unique to the Islands. If you wish, you can have fun accompanied by live music, have a romantic dinner, sip your drink against the magnificent skyline of Istanbul and add Valentine’s Day to your unforgettable list.

Hours of Romance in a Fascinating Environment: Cappadocia


Cappadocia is one of the most ideal places for those looking for a magical place as if out of a fairy tale. Cappadocia, which is preferred by couples who want to experience a romantic and authentic atmosphere on Valentine’s Day, offers many alternatives. In this impressive environment, you can stroll among the fairy chimneys with your lover, taste the unique flavors of the region, and shout your love meters from the ground by jumping into one of the balloons.

Address of Love and Peace: Ağva


Those who want to spend a peaceful Valentine’s Day alone among natural beauties should definitely go to Ağva. Ağva; With its magnificent view, romantic accommodation areas, and various activity opportunities; it is a great option for those who escape the noise of the city but also seek entertainment. You can go on a bike tour with your significant other in Ağva and take a breather by the river. You can have your dinner with live music in an atmosphere where you can reach the peak of romance; You can have the opportunity to spend unforgettable times with your significant other.

Blending Natural Beauties and Love: Abant


Abant is among the places frequently preferred by nature lovers who want to spend Valentine’s Day with nature views. This unique place where nature reveals all its beauty; can be a good destination for a meaningful day. You can go for a nature walk with your significant other while holding each other’s hands in the forest areas surrounding Abant Lake, and stay in hotels that offer the opportunity to spend romantic moments; You can have the opportunity to spend time alone with nature in a peaceful environment. At the end of a beautiful day, you can have a candlelit dinner and declare your love to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, the most special day for lovers.

There are some places that carry you beyond love with their historical texture: Pera Palace Hotel Is That Kind of Place!

agatha restaurant

Carrying the story of ancient history to the present, Pera Palace Hotel is one of the most special symbols of Istanbul. You can choose Pera Palace Hotel to spend your Valentine’s Day in a charming atmosphere where many romances are experienced. At Pera Palace Hotel, which hosts world-famous musicians and hosts many events, you can share immortal moments with your loved ones and make a small note in history. If you wish, you can relieve the tiredness of the day by taking a steam bath at Pera Spa By Spa Luxury, and you can feel more special by having skin care. By choosing massage packages, you can pamper your body on such a romantic day, where you live full of love. You can go on a romantic time travel in rooms where you can fully feel the spirit of the time with your loved one, removing the space between the past and the present; You can taste the leading flavors of Turkish and world cuisine at Agatha Restaurant, named after the writer Agatha Christie, who once stayed in room 411.


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