A Warm Glance at Beyoğlu: Activity Suggestions So That You Can Enjoy the Summer


Istanbul has been in a decent number of battles for the sake of world history and today it continues to enchant its visitors with its cultural and historical texture. Beyoğlu is one of the most exciting places in Istanbul. Attracting the intense attention of domestic and foreign tourists, Beyoğlu is a wonderful place to have a delightful time with various activity options. Let’s have a look at the activities you can participate in Beyoğlu, especially during the summer season.


Stroll Around in Istiklal Street

The heart of Beyoğlu, Istiklal Street, is one of the most popular and old streets in Istanbul. During your visit to Istiklal Street, you can come across cuisines from different cultures, street shows and many souvenir shops. If you are in luck, you can even come across the historical tram on the street and experience a nostalgic moment. Furthermore, we should mention that there are many stores on Istiklal Street where you can find the things you are looking for! Hence, you can enjoy shopping while getting enough sunlight.


Hop on a Cultural Journey at the Istanbul Cinema Museum

Hosted by the Atlas Passage, The Istanbul Cinema Museum has been welcoming many cinematic exhibitions in recent times. Furthermore, it welcomes you to travel toward the enchanting world of Yeşilçam! If you haven’t had spare time to visit the Istanbul Cinema Museum during the winter season, you can add this delightful trip to your summer to-do list. 

By following the current events of the museum, you can visit the exhibitions that are pleasing to you and experience great moments that are intertwined with art. However, keep in mind that you need to allocate a large amount of time for this visit, as there are various events and exhibition regions in the museum!


Outdoor Cinemas and Theaters

One of the most enjoyable activities you can do with the sweet breeze of summer evenings is to experience nostalgic moments at outdoor cinemas. For this, you can visit the regions that are established in certain parts of Beyoğlu or explore the events that are hosted by the festivals. You can choose this activity that will take you to Yeşilçam and assume it like its therapy, all by yourself or gather around the unforgettable memories with your friends.

In addition to the cinema, you can also watch plays at the outdoor cinema stages of Beyoğlu, where you can enjoy watching live performances to the maximum. Regardless of your preference, whether it is a movie or a theater, you can enjoy spending time outdoors during the summer season at Beyoğlu stages. You should also follow the play and festival programs in order not to miss these exciting events!


A Beyoğlu Classic: Visit Galata


The first thing that comes to mind when Beyoğlu is mentioned is Galata without any hesitation! There are many artisan shops you can stop by after your visit to Galata, which is more enjoyable during the summer. Many of these shops stay open late in the summer to serve visitors. You can examine dozens of handcrafted products in the streets below Galata and purchase colorful jewelry and various designs that are special for summer.

In addition, you can’t miss Galata Tower while you are visiting Galata! Besides its impressive history, Galata Tower, which is aesthetically pleasing as well, captures a large portion of Beyoğlu. If you are planning to visit Galata during the summer, do not forget to visit this historical place with your loved ones.


Try Out Refreshing Flavors with Summer Breeze and Sunset at Orient Terrace

Orient Terrace

One of the most enjoyable activities you can do in Beyoğlu during the summer season is to enjoy the unique view by tasting scrumptious snacks and frozen beverages at Orient Terrace! You can have a great time outdoors by visiting the Orient Terrace within the Pera Palace Hotel. You can take off the suffocating heat of hot summer days with organic juices, cocktails, mini snacks and much more.

If you would like to spend a remarkable summer evening with your loved ones, you can try out the unmatched tastes of Orient Terrace with the sunset, while you can feel the summer breeze on your skin. You can visit the venue between 09.00-01.00 after making a reservation by contacting the number +90 (0212) 377 40 00.


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