Top 7 Must-Visit Places In Turkey During Winter

Our beautiful country is visited every month of the year due to the four seasons it has and the natural beauties it owns, and also takes on a completely different atmosphere especially in winter! That feature makes our country the preferred option for domestic and foreign holidays. Well, what are the places to go for an unforgettable winter holiday in Turkey? Here are unique winter locations from our country for a delightful winter holiday!



Due to its proximity to Istanbul and its unique nature, Bolu is attracting attention in every month of the year, and it is also ideal for winter holidays. Moreover, this beautiful city gives its visitors the opportunity to enjoy both snow and nature holiday at the same time. If you are interested in winter sports in Kartalkaya, if you want to enjoy the nature and the scenery, you can plan a unique holiday around Lake Abant and enjoy the winter with your loved ones.



Cappadocia hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists throughout the year and ranks first among the places that have a unique beauty in the winter months. Millions of years of natural transformation as a result of natural changes, adds a completely different atmosphere to the region. If you want to make a pleasant winter holiday, we recommend you to see the fairy chimneys under snow!


With its lively atmosphere and high-quality facilities, Uludag attracts excellent attention from winter sports lovers and is one of the addresses of unforgettable winter holidays in our country. You can see the white face of nature in its best way and experience a memorable winter holiday in the region, which has various facilities for accommodation and daily skiing.


Rize is the first place to come to the mind of many people who are sure to say where we have the greenest and most beautiful landscapes of our country. Rize, which is preferred due to its fresh and clean air during the summer months, is attracting considerable attention during the winter months due to its thermal springs. You can also witness spectacular views in Ayder Plateau and relax your body with the healing hot spring waters.


Şirince, one of the most beautiful villages in İzmir, takes an entirely different atmosphere in the winter months even if it is interesting every season. We are sure that you will be very impressive for those who love winter! You can taste the famous fruit wines while enjoying a pleasant winter holiday in Şirince.


Palandöken, which is one of the most preferred locations due to winter sports in our country, has exceptional and enjoyable ski facilities. Therefore; This land is covered with snow for six months of the year and is ideal for those who want a pleasant winter holiday. If you’re going to exercise and relax, we recommend you visit Palandöken this winter.


For those who want to spend the winter holiday in a warm environment, Pamukkale can be an ideal location. Due to Pamukkale travertines, thermal springs and thermic fountains in the atmosphere, you can have a very peaceful winter holiday. If you are tired of the winter holidays in the ski resorts, you can visit this fascinating place by making a difference this year.


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