8 Best Street Food Places in Istanbul

When we think of Istanbul and its food culture, rich and delicious street flavours come forward. Yet this wonderful city has recently taken the concept of street flavour to another level. Famous chefs of Istanbul landed on the street! Plus, under the leadership of prominent chefs, various street food stops were opened. These street delicacies that are getting popular day by day are among the favourite places in Istanbul! Here are those restaurants where you will have the best street food experience in Istanbul!

Biara Street Flavors


Biara Street Flavors in Caddebostan are among the places where you can have the best street food experience in Istanbul. There are many different street flavours on the menu, from mussels to pizza, from hamburgers to kokorec. You can also give Biara a chance to try these unique tastes.

Address: Caddebostan Mah., Caddebostan İskele Sk., No: 14 / B, Kadıköy


zukoSource: https://www.zomato.com/tr/istanbul/zuko-maslak-merkez-istanbul

Zuko in Maslak is entrusted to successful chef Didem Şenol, who prepared the delicious dishes of Gram. In Maslak, which is a new option for lunch, the tastes prepared are served on pita bread or wraps. Homemade sauces, potatoes and falafel accompany these wonderful flavours.

Address: Maslak Mah., Eski Büyükdere Cad., No: 27, Sarıyer

Madre Street Food & Bar

barSource: https://www.timeout.com/istanbul/tr/barlar-ve-publar/madre-street-food-bar

Madre Street Food & Bar in Arnavutköy is also among the best street food restaurants in Istanbul. In the menu of the place, besides flavours like chickpea rice, street foods from different parts of the world such as falafel are also available. In Madre, where you can find street flavours such as boyoz, bagels and croissants for breakfast, delicious cocktails and DJ performance accompany you later in the evening.

Address: Arnavutköy Mah., Francalacı Cad., No: 10, Beşiktaş

Basta! Street Food


Source: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/turkey/istanbul/restaurants/basta-street-food-bar/a/poi-eat/1561240/360887

Basta, one of Moda’s best street food restaurants, attracts attention with its delicious wraps. The menu of the place contains quite simple but delicious options. Smoked beef ribs wrap and lamb hamburger are among the must-try dishes. Hummus and rice pudding can also take your dining experience to another level!

Address: Caferağa Mah., Sakız Sk., No: 1, Kadıköy


Zula, one of the best street food restaurants in Istanbul, has two branches, Harbiye and Kanyon AVM. The hamburgers of the place add a completely different sense to street food. Basic Burger, especially, should be tried. In addition to burgers, Hot Dog is also on the menu.

Address: İnönü Mah., Harbiye Çayırı Sk., No: 101a, Şişli

The Grungy

grungySource: https://realdealmeal.net/the-grungy/

The Grungy menu in Teşvikiye contains only hamburgers and potatoes. Burgers, which have essences with different sauces, will make you forget all the burgers you know. We strongly recommend you to try this special restaurant, which has a branch in London.

Address: Teşvikiye Mah., Hüsrev Gerede Cad., No: 72, Şişli

Cross Fingers

Cross Fingers

With Bomonti and Cihangir branches, Cross Fingers is one of the best street food restaurants in Istanbul. The menu of the place includes burritos, wrap and burgers, and noodles. Cross Fingers’ jagged French fries add piquancy to all these flavours!

Address: Cumhuriyet Mah., Düzoğlu Sk., No: 5 A, Şişli

TRC American Diner

americanSource: https://yemeicmeodulleri.com/2019/portfolio/trc-american-diner/

TRC American Diner, located in Beşiktaş, is one of the most talked-about restaurants of recent times. The place, which has an American concept, includes classic American flavours such as scrambled eggs, pancakes, and street foods such as chicken wings and hamburgers. You should try TRC for a unique street food experience.

Address: Sinanpaşa Mah., Hasrın Cad., Sinanpaşa Business Center, No: 213/2, Beşiktaş


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