Wedding Concept Suggestions Compatible with the Joy and Excitement of Spring

With the spring approaching, the wedding season starts. Many couples prefer warm seasons like spring and summer for the wedding. The reason for this is that spring offers couples the option to have a wedding party both in the open air and indoors. What concepts should be preferred at weddings to be held in this beautiful season? Here are the spring wedding concepts that will reflect the exuberance of the wedding season!

1. Country wedding concept

kır düğünü

One of the most enjoyable wedding concepts that can be done in the spring is the country wedding. Of course, flowers that are the heralds of spring cannot be separated from the idea at such a wedding! If the idea of ​​making the country wedding is sympathetic to you, you can use Bridal Path and Bridal Arch, decorated with flowers in your marriage. Besides, large wrought iron flowers in the table decorations, flower confetti at the entrance of the bride-groom; powder, pink, magenta-coloured decorations.

2. Poolside wedding concept


One of the wedding concepts that are compatible with spring is poolside weddings. Those who are in favour of this concept can easily choose this because the poolside idea offers you and your guests a very comfortable wedding atmosphere. You can also use the spring flowers in your decorations. Herbs such as daffodils, tulips, roses and hyacinths can be floral selections that will add colour to the poolside concept.

3. Rustic wedding concept

Rustic weddings, which are defined as village weddings of modern times, are among the wedding themes that can be preferred during the spring months. The key word in the rustic wedding concept is naturalness. In this concept, pastel shades, dry tree branches reflecting natural life, wicker fabrics, straw bales can be used. Similarly, the details such as the wedding dress, wedding cake, the bridal flower should be based on simplicity and naturalness.

4. Vintage wedding concept

If you want to organise a romantic wedding, the vintage wedding concept is right for you. Because the roses that we encounter in this concept, colourful small flowers, pink and peach shades appear to be both cheerful and emotional details. The most harmonious spaces with the vintage wedding concept are, of course, outdoor green areas or hotel halls with a nostalgic atmosphere. The fact that the environment is decorated with dim lights and candles, fresh flowers smell everywhere, tables and chairs made of aged wood are the other expected features of the vintage wedding concept.

5. Bohemian wedding concept

If you think you are a free-spirited, loving couple, you can reflect this style to your wedding with a bohemian wedding concept. In the bohemian wedding concept, pale yellow tones, peach, powdered tones and lavender, light blue shades can be used in decoration. Besides, white wooden chairs, tiny scented candles, full cups filled with dried flowers, worn-out postcards will add more elegance to your wedding.

6. Seaside wedding concept


Even though it is risky to have a wedding in the open area during the spring season and because of the changing weather conditions, the seaside wedding concept can be preferred in this season. The coast is the most suitable place for the seaside wedding concept. In this fun concept, details such as starfish, seahorses, seashells, sand bottles can be used for decorations. Besides, bridal and bridegroom selection can be made in accordance with simplicity and choice.

7. Prom Wedding Concept

If the idea of ​​a wedding decorated with nostalgic details excites you, you can choose the prom wedding concept for your wedding. The most suitable places for prom wedding concept are historical hotels or historical places. Because historical hotels have unique ballrooms with nostalgic decoration, when you make a wedding in a hall like this, the simple decoration of the space already will be sufficient without the extra effort for the concept. Only a nostalgic wedding dress and bridegroom selection is available!


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