Life-Saving Tips For Those Getting Married In Winter

The wedding day is one of the most special days of the couples. Couples want this special day to be the best. That’s why they pay attention to many things while organising a wedding. Many couples determine the wedding season as spring and summer because of these seasons are known as the wedding season. Recently, however, winter weddings have become very popular. It is possible to make spectacular winter weddings with the right choices and the right organisation! Winter months, on the other hand, are also very advantageous concerning cost. So how to make a winter wedding and winter weddings? Here are life-saving suggestions for those who will have a wedding in winter.


The place selection is fundamental!


Undoubtedly, the most critical point for the winter wedding is the choice of place. There are two essential points to consider when choosing a venue. The first is the location of the space. Considering difficult winter conditions, an easily accessible choice should be made. So the place should be on the transportation line. The second situation is the heating and ventilation system of the space. You don’t want your guests to get cold or stuffy. Although many places give importance to heating, it may not provide the necessary attention to ventilation. Therefore, the ventilation system should be sifted through when choosing a venue.


Be careful not to have a wedding in January

In the winter, the key word is ‘accessibility’. Just as the location is vital in the selection of the place, the month selected in the wedding date is also essential. One of the risky periods is January. January is very risky, just before Christmas and just before the half-year holiday. Many people make holiday plans during these dates. A different time may be preferred so that there is no reduction in the number of people attending the wedding.


Don’t forget winter wedding decorations


You can make this process unforgettable when you organise a wedding in the winter. One of the most effective ways to make your wedding organisation memorable is wedding decorations. After choosing the right place for your winter wedding, you can create various decorations with both the place and you. Among the most beautiful winter wedding ideas; Classic flowers, dry branches, pine leaves, cones, snow theme, white theme, jeep flowers themes can be used. Classic candle holders can be placed on the table.


Make warm touches to your menu

Another point to be aware of in winter weddings is the menu. The refreshments offered in the wedding organisations are one of some aspects of the marriage. So instead of cold desserts, hot desserts can be made of red meat preferences instead of white meats such as chicken and fish. Coffee, tea and small snacks will also heat your guests. Do not forget to book a demo day for your wedding organisation.


Reflect the winter on your wedding gown and suit


You can include your wedding dress and your grooming in this process while choosing the right place for the winter. For example, in the selection of wedding dress, you can make long-sleeved lace fabric, chiffon tulle and lace appliqué. Or you can choose a model with a cape. You can use flowers such as poinsettia, poinsettia, hyacinth, candlestick, pine-leaf in the bridal flower. As for the groom’s choice, a woollen, tweed and velvet selection can best reflect the weather in the winter. Dark purple, burgundy or navy blue tuxedos can also provide a fresh look.


Winter themed photo shoot for the wedding in winter!

A winter photo shoot is a must if you are having a winter wedding. In winter, you can make perfect exterior shots in the unique beauty of your city. Your photo shoot can be unforgettable with amazing landscapes and snow. You can even explode colours and make concepts by including torches and confetti.


Use winter motifs in invitation card selection

You can reflect the spirit of the winter in your invitations to achieve visual integrity. You can choose white for your invitation cards. Besides, you can use motifs such as a snowflake, pine, wreath and cones.


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