For Valentine’s Day: The Most Romantic Places in Istanbul

You can celebrate your Valentine’s Day with your pleasant conversations in the most romantic places of Istanbul by spending your best night with your spouse, where every moment is full of love and every moment progresses with respect. You can spend a perfect day for both a romantic dinner and adding a new one to your memories in the glamor of Istanbul.

The innocent expression that appears on the faces of all lovers on the day of February 14th is the most important feeling that makes that day meaningful. Many restaurants that will add excitement to your day will be waiting for you that day. Would you like your favourite dishes, your favourite smiles and the scenery you love to accompany you? The most beautiful spots of Istanbul will be decorated for you that day. We have prepared a list of restaurants in Istanbul where you can have a romantic meal with beautiful views.

Hood, Moda

Especially if you come here at sunset, you are the luckiest couple. Because this place, which normally has a magnificent beauty, will be beautiful at sunset. Hood Fashion Restaurant, whose food serving is quite stylish and appealing to the eye, is among the most preferred places on the Anatolian side on Valentine’s Day.

Salvatore, Çengelköy

A variety of dishes are prepared to appeal to everyone’s taste at Salvatore Restaurant. You can make your choices among these varieties and spend a great day with your darling and delicious food. This place, specially prepared for Valentine’s Day, will be waiting for you with its most beautiful presentations and views.

Kız Kulesi Restaurant

The unique food serving of the restaurant and the careful cooking of the dishes make the place a more preferred restaurant. You can have an unforgettable day by welcoming this beautiful night with the perfect view and delicious food. Located in the middle of the sea and quite different from other venues, the Kız Kulesi Restaurant awaits you on Valentine’s Day. You should definitely go to the Kız Kulesi Restaurant, which fascinates those who see it with its unique view. This restaurant, which gives you the opportunity to see both sides of Istanbul, invites you with its best presentations.

Lacivert Restaurant

Among the places with the most beautiful view of Istanbul, another ambitious restaurant that has managed to be mentioned frequently is the Lacivert Restaurant. It makes you feel the beauty of the sea in the middle of the Bosphorus. Thanks to the relaxing effect of the sea view, you will never want the Valentine’s Day evening to end February 14th. This restaurant, which has a menu where mediterranean flavours are preferred, is among the most romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day in Istanbul.

What can be done on Valentine’s Day?

There are many activities you can do on Valentine’s Day. You can take a long walk on the beach with your loved one or have a romantic dinner. However, if you are looking for an activity other than these, you are in the right place! We have gathered fun and romantic activities for you in this article.

  • Don’t Let the Seasons Miss Your Enthusiasm

You can go to the winter picnic and have a fun day and have an unforgettable moment. The taste of this picnic you make alone in the snow will remain in your palate. You will be a little cold, but believe me, it will be worth it. While preparing your picnic bag, don’t forget to put tea in your thermos.

  • Set Sail to New Adventures

If you are an adventurous couple, you can try outdoor activities such as paragliding, ATV, go kart or ice skating. Especially if this is the first ice skating experience of both of you, you can look for sure that it will be a day you will never forget.

  • You can go to Hobby Workshops

You can find daily hobby workshops with a short search on the internet; You will learn something new by choosing one that you both like, such as cooking, cake, chocolate, jam, cookie making.

  • Puzzle

Our suggestion is to get out of the differences a little bit. If you are not an impatient, irritable person, you can puzzle with your lover. In fact, if you say that I will add a little romance to the business, make your photos a puzzle.

What gift to get on Valentine’s Day?

  • Perhaps what your darling needs most on cold winter days is warming up! Nobody can say no to the pleasure of a spa after a thousand and one types of massage in steam rooms. You can also present a massage pleasure to your lover.
  • After a relaxing day, you can end the day with a romantic meal.
  • If you intend to buy a watch, first of all, the first thing you need to do is to fit the style of your darling in your mind. You may just care about comfort, but women like accessories to match every piece of item, from their clothes to their shoes. If you like classic clothing style, you can choose a steel case and patterned watch. If your darling likes to wear sports, we recommend that you move away from the classic style. Ladies who like to wear sportswear will like colourful watches. Get ready to add some colour to your life!
  • A huge package of fruits or chocolates will make your darling very happy.
  • You can make a picture book describing your relationship, or you can get a recording device and a beautiful picture frame to record your voice.
  • You can print the initials of your name on the sleeve of a beautiful shirt of your choice or you can gift a robe with your name on the back.
  • Private courses have already started to open on many websites. Moreover, the prices of the courses are very cheap. If your darling has any hobbies, you can buy a one-month course and give him a gift. Such as swimming, foreign language, and riding a horse.

Bonus: Pera Palace Hotel, Beyoğlu

Istanbul – Pera Palace Hotel, the most romantic historical hotel in Istanbul with its fascinating atmosphere, offers couples a unique accommodation experience on Valentine’s Day.

Couples who want to spend an unforgettable evening alone on Valentine’s Day refresh their love by staying in the elegant and elegant rooms of Pera Palace Hotel; In the Pasha Hall, they will taste the special six-course Valentine’s Day menu prepared by Executive Chef Gökay Çakıroğlu. On the menu, there will be a feast of taste where “Mountain Mushroom Soup”, “Baked Cannelloni”, “Pink Gnocchi”, “Rose Sorbet”, “Baked Sea Bass” or “Beef Rib” as a dessert will be served with “Passion Fruit Cake”.


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