Activity Ideas to Enjoy Winter Days

The winter season is mostly seen as a time when life is calmer. Many people engage in fewer social activities compared to the spring and summer months. Despite this, you can find activities that will help you escape from the routine you are trapped in on cold winter days, whether you are alone or with your friends. It is possible to find many enjoyable activity ideas that will make you smile and increase your energy, suitable for the winter season.


Chestnut Delight at Home

Evde Kestane Keyfi

Chestnut is one of the greatest beauties of the winter months! The chestnuts, which are cooked slowly on the stove, are almost seen as a symbol of winter. Chestnuts are among the seasonal flavors loved by almost everyone with their beautiful smell and unique taste. It is necessary to consume the chestnut, which is indispensable for winter evenings before the season passes. It is a great idea to spend a warm and delicious evening with your friends at home!


Making Hot Wine

Hot wine is a great alternative to warm you up on cold winter days. If you combine fruits such as apples, quince, and orange with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg according to your taste and combine them with water and sugar, you will have a delicious taste. Whether you gather with your friends and try this delicious recipe, have a pleasant evening chat, or spend a quiet evening alone. The wonderful smell and aroma of cinnamon, cloves, and fruits combined with wine will be engraved in your mind.


Movie Night with Friends

The cold weather causes many people to turn to home activities. Of course, one of the most entertaining activities that can be done at home is movie night. You can organize movie nights by the fire in your cozy home or in your garden. There’s nothing like watching a good movie with close friends.


Getting Started with Exercising

One of the activity ideas that will add joy to the winter days is to engage in sports activities. These days when less time is spent outside and an active and energetic life is replaced by calmness due to cold weather, it is extremely beneficial to exercise to protect both your health and shape.


Winter Break

A small weekend break is always among the best ideas to create pleasant moments despite the cold weather. This little getaway that will break the mediocrity of winter days will make you refresh. Maybe you can drink hot chocolate in front of the fireplace in a small bungalow, or maybe you can camp in the forest in more difficult conditions.


Journey by Orient Express

Eastern Express is among the most popular winter season activities of recent years. You must experience this experience in order to enjoy the insatiable taste of a long journey covered with white snow. If you haven’t taken the Orient Express yet, it is recommended that you try it.


Christmas Shopping

Yılbaşı Alışverişi

One of the happiest and most active periods of the year is Christmas. It is in your hands to live the Christmas spirit to the fullest with sparkling streets and various events! Walk through the carefully prepared shop windows on the illuminated streets, taste the street delicacies and buy gifts for your loved ones; Among the best activities, you can do!


Ice Skating

If you haven’t tried ice skating, you should definitely experience this excitement. Winter is one of the best times to have this enjoyable experience. If you are already an expert in sports, do not forget to show your skills in the special halls or the ice skating areas in shopping centers this winter.


Visiting a Gallery or Exhibition

In addition to sports events, cultural and artistic activities are among the indispensables of every season. If it is not possible to attend different festivals or biennials and to adapt your program according to them, galleries and permanent exhibitions are definitely waiting for you art lovers in a corner of the city.


Visiting the Istanbul Archeology Museum

The archaeological museums are one of the most impressive places in the city. Many works made thousands of years ago are waiting for their visitors with their impressive stories. Take a journey into the past with Greek statues, Roman sarcophagi, Sumerian inscriptions, and Islamic artifacts surrounding you.


Visiting the Opera or Theater at Atatürk Cultural Center

If you live in Istanbul or it’s a great time to visit the city, you should definitely see the Atatürk Cultural Center. With its renewed face, Atatürk Cultural Center offers many opportunities to its visitors. With its indoor and outdoor spaces and event halls, it offers its guests a wonderful experience right in the center of the city. The pleasure of watching an opera or theater in this atmosphere is priceless.


Afternoon Tea at Pera Palace Hotel Kubbeli Lounge


Pera Palace Hotel invites you to afternoon tea! The afternoon tea event, which is held every day between 15.00-18.00 in Pera Palace Hotel, one of the most impressive venues in Istanbul, awaits its visitors with its delicious accompaniments and pleasant piano tunes. Do not forget to make a reservation at Pera Palace Hotel for this unique experience you will experience in Kubbeli Lounge, which is on the Michelin Guide’s recommended restaurants list!

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