Top 8 Hotels For A Magnificent Wedding In Istanbul

Hotel weddings are preferred by couples who will marry because of the advantages it provides. Especially couples who plan to have a wedding in winter prefer hotels as a place. Thanks to its magnificent hotels, Istanbul offers couples numerous options in this regard. In other words, it is possible to make a hotel wedding in Istanbul that will appeal to every budget and every expectation. If you want to have a magnificent wedding but cannot decide, the hotels on our list can give you an idea. Here are some of the hotels you can choose for a magnificent wedding in Istanbul!

Fuat Pasha Mansion

Fuat Pasha MansionFuat Pasha Mansion in Sarıyer, Istanbul, can allow you to have the magnificent wedding of your dreams. That place, which is especially ideal for winter weddings, is among the wedding hotels. If you are planning a wedding that will limit your guests to 300 people, you can also consider Fuat Pasha Mansion.

Çırağan Palace Kempinski

Çırağan Palace KempinskiÇırağan Palace, which has beautified the silhouette of Istanbul with its magnificence for years, is among the places where you can choose a glittering wedding. That historical and romantic hotel, which was officially opened in 1990, is considered as the indispensable address of magnificent wedding organizations. You can also check the wedding organizations in Çırağan Palace in Beşiktaş for the wedding of your dreams.

The Grand Tarabya

The Grand Tarabya

The Grand Tarabya (Hotel Grand Tarabya), which was restored and opened to service after years, is among the magnificent hotels of Istanbul. With its seafront location, this beautiful venue can be an ideal place to make an unforgettable wedding. You can choose The Grand Tarabya for your wedding with its magnificent architecture and unique location.

Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus

Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus

One of the hotels you can choose for a magnificent wedding in Istanbul is the Hilton. One of Turkey’s first 5-star hotel, the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus, is known as the place where the luxury and elegance came together. You can also choose Hilton’s elegant halls for the magnificent wedding of your dreams and make this special day immortal.

Dedeman Istanbul

Dedeman IstanbulDedeman Istanbul is one of the preferred hotels for stylish and unforgettable weddings in Istanbul. With its central location, splendid ballroom and different decorations, it can be an ideal choice for an unforgettable wedding. If you are in search of a magnificent place where every detail is considered while you are making the wedding of your dreams, we recommend you to examine Dedeman.

Legacy Ottoman Hotel

Legacy Ottoman Hotel

Legacy Ottoman Hotel, which is one of the historical and luxurious hotels of Istanbul, is among the places you can choose for a beautiful wedding. This magnificent building, which is one of the last architectural works of the Ottoman Empire era, is almost a living ancient monument. You can also choose the magnificent halls of the Legacy Ottoman Hotel to have a wedding in a historical atmosphere.

Lionel Hotel Istanbul

Lionel Hotel IstanbulLionel Hotel Istanbul can offer you the magnificent hall you are looking for your wedding. Lionel, which is frequently preferred for wedding organizations, can be enchanted with the tie-bar-less ballroom and you can step into a glorious wedding with its quality technical infrastructure. For your most beautiful memories, you can take advantage of hotel wedding packages and make this process enjoyable for you.

Pera Palace Hotel

Pera Palace Hotel

Pera Palace Hotel, which you can choose for a magnificent wedding in Istanbul, almost challenges history in its place where it has been for more than 120 years. Overlooking the Golden Horn with its view extending from Galata to Golden Horn and Eyüp to Tepebaşı, Pera Palace Hotel is located in the Pera Region of Taksim-Beyoğlu, which was once known as the Little Europe of Istanbul. With its decoration and details that reflect the past, this stylish hotel offers unforgettable moments to those who want to feel old Istanbul.

Imagine a wedding organization that will be remembered by smiling for years! Pera Palace Hotel hosts nostalgic and elegant venues for your wedding organization where you have entered a brand new life. You can accumulate memories that will add elegance to your wedding day in venues with guests’ capacity to host from small groups to 220 guests. Pera Palace Hotel awaits its distinguished guests in Istanbul, in the heart of history, to add happiness to your pleasure with its specially prepared menu alternatives, elegant decorations and a team specializing in its field! Click for information: Pera Palace Hotel


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