Istanbul Luxury Accommodation Guide for First Time Visitors

Istanbul attracts millions of tourists every year with its historical and natural beauties, sumptuous food and beverage alternatives and shopping options. So much so that this beautiful city welcomes countless visitors from Turkey and around the world in every season. As it is a big city, although the number of places to tour does not end, many pleasant moments are waiting for those who are coming to Istanbul for the first time. Let alone the things to be done in Istanbul; there is also the subject of accommodation in this beautiful city. People who come to Istanbul for the first time mostly ask the question of “Where to stay in Istanbul?”. Since accommodation is one of the most critical details determining the quality of a trip, it is beneficial to make a logical choice. Because for an unforgettable Istanbul trip, it is necessary to choose a quality accommodation option. Luxury Istanbul hotels offer many details that you would expect from a stay in Istanbul. Because luxury hotels, due to the number of stars, must have some features. That makes it possible to entrust your trip to that hotel in a peaceful way. All that remains is to create a well-disposed, comfortable holiday! So, which regions do you need to choose for a luxurious stay in Istanbul? Here is your luxury accommodation guide for your first visit to Istanbul!

Fantastic location!


Luxury hotels in Istanbul are often located in the most scenic and exclusive locations of Istanbul. Historical Peninsula and its surroundings, Beyoğlu and its environs can be given as an example of this location. These regions are not only home to beautiful views, but also very close to places to visit, to eat and to drink and shopping. That is a significant detail that makes it possible for you to have pleasant travel experience in Istanbul.

Rich possibilities!


Located in these historic and central areas of Istanbul, the luxury hotels also offer a wealth of amenities. They have a certain standard by star count; they always satisfy their guests with their experienced staff. Details such as a luxurious kitchen, quality restaurants, stylishly decorated and beautiful rooms, a gym and SPA make your stay unforgettable.

Historic atmosphere!


We mentioned above that Istanbul’s luxury hotels are generally located in the oldest residential areas of Istanbul. That allows you to stay in a historic hotel. There are numerous advantages to staying in a historic hotel. By choosing such a location, you can choose a hotel that has hosted famous names before and still maintains the historic atmosphere with its decoration and interior details.

Plentiful shopping, eating and drinking options


Luxury hotels in central Istanbul are also close to many shopping and dining options. This way, you can taste the most famous tastes of Istanbul, visit the most beautiful shops and shop during your stay. All these details will make you experience Istanbul and make your first trip unforgettable!

For a luxurious stay, we would like to welcome you to the Pera Palace Hotel!


If you are looking for luxury accommodation with all the details and more, please visit the Pera Palace Hotel for your first trip to Istanbul!

Pera Palace Hotel, which is located directly opposite the most precious views of historical Istanbul, continues to host its guests in Pera (Beyoğlu) with its 126 years of experience. Located within walking distance of Istiklal Avenue and Taksim Square, Istanbul New Airport is 36 km, and the Historic Peninsula is 5 km away. Pera Palace Hotel, which witnesses the historical accumulation of the city of Istanbul, is waiting for its distinguished guests in Pera (Beyoğlu), once called Little Europe. Click for detailed information: Pera Palace Hotel


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