Top 9 Activities To Do On Valentine’s Day

There are few days left to the February 14th aka Valentine’s Day. While this meaningful day is approaching, many couples are in search of activities that can be done on Valentine’s Day. If you are wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day, you can find a suitable option for yourself. These activities also appeal to every budget. Here are the different activities you can do with your girlfriend/boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Hot Air Balloon Tour in Cappadocia

You were looking for something different, right? Here’s an unusual suggestion. You can spend Valentine’s Day with your girlfriend or spouse in Cappadocia. You can also crown this beautiful day with a balloon tour that starts early in the morning. Make sure you will have an unforgettable memory when you see Cappadocia in the winter.

Romantic abroad destinations

If you want to make Valentine’s Day unforgettable, you can go on a romantic trip abroad with your loved one. You can choose routes such as Italy, Slovenia, Finland, Belgium, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Cambodia and Argentina.

Fun times at the amusement park

Would you like to return to your childhood for a day? You can ride cars, merry-go-round or adventure toys with your beloved in the amusement park. You can even look at the city from above by riding on the swing.

Start your day with a romantic breakfast


It should be quite pleasant to start with a great breakfast with the most important person in your life. Even preparing this romantic breakfast together can make your day more beautiful. And of course, don’t forget to decorate the breakfast table with your favourite accessories and roses!

Making cocktails together

Making cocktails is fun. And if your lover is joined to this fun business, everything can be even more fun! After a short research on the internet, you can find dozens of cocktail recipes. Many of these cocktails require equipment. Take the recipes and materials you like and fancy. Make a cocktail and enjoy doing something together!

Preparing dinner together


Here is another activity that is as enjoyable as preparing a cocktail: preparing dinner together! You can have a romantic moment by cooking dinner together. But the most important thing to note here is that you do not make the first meal that comes to mind. Open the internet to find an unusual, delightful and delicious recipe. Then do it together beautifully. Light your candle and eat your meal.

Take a trip with Eastern Express

An activity that has recently been very popular is to go on a journey with the Eastern Express. You can also enjoy this favourite activity with your beloved, passing through snowy mountains and cities. You can have a pleasant 24-hour journey in the direction of Kars- Ankara or Ankara- Kars.

Go camping


Want to spend a peaceful and calm Valentine’s Day? Then go camping with your lover. In this way, while enjoying nature alone, you can work together and understand each other better because the camp is also a good teacher. In this way, you will learn different things while you enjoy doing things together. But do not forget to do your activity on the weekend, be careful on the road, determine the route well and choose your campsite well.

Take part in voluntary projects

One of the most beautiful activities on Valentine’s Day is to take part in volunteer projects. Taking part in volunteer projects is excellent in every respect. On this particular day, you will be happy to do volunteer work. You will be pleased while others will be happy. On the other hand, you realise how to accomplish something with the power of love and cohesion.


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