8 Venue Suggestions for Valentine’s Day Where You Can Make a Romantic Gesture

Istanbul, which has opened its doors to civilizations for centuries, offers alternatives for a romantic day with its artistic, cultural, and architectural diversity. You can create an exciting travel route by exploring the richness of the city on Valentine’s Day, which is the symbol of love. To experience an extraordinary day, you can visit the nostalgic places of Istanbul and add new ones to your special memories with a pleasant dinner. Let’s explore the places that are integrated with nature and bear the traces of the past together.

1.An Iconic Architecture: Pera Palace Hotel

sevgililer günü için mekan önerileri

Starting from the 1900s, accommodation services began to develop in Istanbul. The construction of Pera Palace Hotel, one of the popular hotels in Beyoğlu, started in 1892 and the hotel has been operating since 1895. Offering an eye-catching appearance with its texture, the hotel was built inspired by the neoclassical and orientalist architectural styles that swept the 18th and 19th centuries. In addition to its architecture, models that are close to the Art Nouveau art movement are preferred when choosing decorative objects and furniture.

You can have an unforgettable day at Pera Palace Hotel, which prepares new celebration programs for Valentine’s Day every year. You can taste unique flavors and have new experiences in this place, which has hosted famous writers, diplomats, and artists from the past to the present. After a romantic dinner, you can stay in the stylish and comfortable rooms of the hotel.

2.A Nostalgic Day at Büyükada Mansions

Büyükada, which is ideal for weekend getaways in spring and summer with its colorful streets, takes on a soothing and peaceful atmosphere in February. If you dream of spending a peaceful time away from the city on Valentine’s Day, you can visit Büyükada.

As soon as you step on the island, you can admire the architectural texture of the streets and mansions that have a scent of history. After visiting the Orthodox church, Greek orphanage, âşıklar yolu and its famous hills eagerly, you can have a romantic dinner in charming restaurants with unique views and historical texture. If you wish, you can stay in hotels with mansion architecture.

3.Mihrabat Grove with its Unique Bosphorus View

Mihrabat Grove, which is located in one of the most beautiful places of Kanlıca that needs to be explored, was built during the reign of Ahmet III. This place, which is intertwined with nature, can be an alternative for those who would like to get away from the city. This place, where you can enjoy the Bosphorus view, also has a restaurant section and a picnic area.

You can plan breakfast at Mihrabat Grove to have a quality and enjoyable start to Valentine’s Day. After breakfast, you can spend time in the walking area to enjoy the unique beauty of nature. It can be quite enjoyable to see the Bosphorus view from different angles during the trip.

4.Galata Tower, the Subject of Breathtaking Stories

Galata Tower, one of the most popular places in Istanbul for centuries from Rome to the Ottoman Empire, was completed in the 6th century AD. The huge tower, designed with the architectural approach of the famous Byzantine Emperor Justinian’s period, has been restored many times. This historical artifact is used periodically for different purposes, witnessed natural disasters, wars and most importantly, love.

The rumor has it that lovers who go up to the Galata Tower together for the very first time, which has architectural inspirations from countries such as Rome, Genoa, and Ottoman, will get married, is just one of the many stories! After examining the historical artifacts, exhibitions, and souvenirs on each floor, you can go to the top floor to see the panoramic sea view.

5.A Place That Is Intertwined with Nature: Atatürk Arboretum

If you are dreaming of having a quiet Valentine’s Day, it is possible to go to a place where you can get lost in the greenery without leaving Istanbul! Atatürk Arboretum is one of the private botanical gardens in the city that has hosted many tree and plant species for years.

After it became operational in the 1950s, the afforestation and infrastructure works of the region were completed and it took its current form. The place is the address to spend a peaceful and happy day in nature! Atatürk Arboretum has a wide walking route. Along the way, you can discover new plant species and stop by the lake and watch the ducks gliding through the water.

6.Pearl of the Bosphorus: Maiden’s Tower

The spot where the Maiden’s Tower is located, which is the subject of novels, poems, and many works of art, has been used for different purposes since the 5th century BC. This small island has been a place that has served many political and social purposes for centuries, from castle defense to quarantine.

The Maiden’s Tower, floating among the waves, is an area that is visited with curiosity by local and foreign tourists. You can spend an unforgettable day with your significant other at the Maiden’s Tower, where visitors are accepted at certain hours during the day. You can watch the sunset that is accompanied by the sound of the waves in this eye-catching place.

7.An Unforgettable Day at Pierre Loti Hill

A hill that has fascinated Istanbulites for nearly three centuries: Pierre Loti! This place, named after a French writer, offers an extraordinary view of the Golden Horn. Pierre Loti, a frequent destination for couples from Istanbul, is so gorgeous that it is the subject of many stories of lovers!

You can visit this place on Valentine’s Day, where you can watch the sunrise, lights, and dusk of the city with great admiration. Pierre Loti, which has a different beauty at every hour of the day, enchants its guests with its view. You can organize breakfast, lunch, or dinner in this special place where you can see the sea from a wide angle and have pleasant moments with your significant other.

8.Hidiv Pavilion with its Historical and Magnificent Architecture

Hidiv Pavilion, designed with the Art Nouveau approach in the early 20th century, fascinates history and nostalgia lovers with its extraordinary architecture as soon as it arrives at their doorstep. The garden and building of the palace manage to attract the attention of visitors with its fascinating design. You can spend a day full of love and affection in the tranquil atmosphere of Hidiv Pavilion, located on a wide and green land. 

If you enjoy exploring places with historical architecture, you can wander for hours with your significant other, hand in hand, among the trees that have been here for nearly a century. You can spend Valentine’s Day on a cultural trip and then finish it with a pleasant meal.


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