Top 10 Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s Day

Tired of going to stereotypical and classic places on every Valentine’s day? Do you want to have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with your lover? Then continue reading our list of the most romantic destinations, which we can offer both domestic and international! Many loving years!

Sirince, Izmir


Our list starts with a very romantic location. Şirince, a former Anatolian Greek village, is located in Izmir. If a magnificent weather, historical stone or wooden houses, local red, white and fruit wines and fireplace fire excite you, this place is for you. You can be sure that you will spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day in this place where romanticism in its highs.

Lesbos, Greece


Do not overthink “Is it wise to go to Lesbos in uncertain weather?” and go! The Greek island of Lesbos, which is pretty easy to transport and one of the closest Greek islands to Turkey, is easily accessible from Ayvalık. You will feel yourself in an endless love tale while walking the cobbled streets of the island. If you want to spend a calm and cost-effective Valentine’s Day, satiate with ouzo and fish, let Lesbos be in a corner of your mind.

Cappadocia, Nevsehir


Cappadocia in Nevşehir is a good option for those who want to turn Valentine’s Day into an unforgettable memory with its unique natural appearance. When you come here with your sweetheart, you can stay in hotels with magnificent atmosphere, visit historical places, take romantic walks in the valleys, take a hot air balloon tour, make pottery, go around with ATV, taste great flavours and wines.

Zanzibar, Tanzania


If you are tired of Turkey’s cold weather conditions and you desire spectacular sea, sand and sun alternatives available in the world, Zanzibar is a perfect choice for you. Zanzibar is the frequent destination of honeymoon couples and lovers. Stone City, the turquoise ocean and the magnificent beaches await you in Zanzibar, the island of Middle East Africa, belong to Tanzania. When you come here, don’t forget to taste great tastes at The Rock Restaurant located on a rock off Michanwi.

Ida Mountains, Turkey


If you say, “Let’s get enough of nature, flourish our skin, understand our existence”, Ida Mountains is one of Turkey’s most exclusive and romantic places to visit. When you go to the Ida Mountains, you will experience peace and climax in yourself. There are dozens of historical and natural places to visit here. Adatepe Village, Zeus Altar, Yeşilyurt Village, Tahtakuşlar Village & Ethnography Museum, Hasanboğuldu, Sutüven Waterfall, Başdeğirmen are some of them. If you fancy exploring sufficiently, you can stay here for a minimum of 3-4 days. Of course, do not forget to go to Sarıkız mausoleum which is the highest point of Ida mountains accompanied by a guide and consecrate your sanctification!

Verona, Italy


As the Italians say, “If you are in love with someone, bring him to Verona for Valentine’s Day!” In fact, even this statement is enough to tell about Verona. An ideal love city, Verona is a very rich city in terms of history. Its romance is so indisputable that it is home to places where Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet took place. If you come here on Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to join the Love Festival, which is special for today, watch the city from the Lamberi Tower, get lost in the colorful streets, and experience traditional tastes in small and local restaurants!

Alacati, Izmir


Many people prefer Alaçatı in the summer. The beauty of Alaçatı comes out in the most beautiful spring. Because the winter and spring seasons are the quietest times here. If you love Alacati and you are overwhelmed by its crowd, you can choose here on Valentine’s Day. In this season, you will not be exposed to noise, wait in rows in places, and you will be able to travel comfortably.

Amsterdam, Netherlands



Amsterdam, a city that should always be seen, is located in the Netherlands. In this city with a magnificent atmosphere, you can stretch your feet against the lake in Vondelpark, have a coffee in a cafe in Dam Square, visit museums and ride freely.

Abant, Bolu


You can spend a romantic Valentine’s Day in Abant, which is 34 km from the center of Bolu. Spread over an area of ​​125 hectares, Abant Lake makes your Valentine’s Day more romantic with its beauties. When you come here, you will see beautiful trees and animals, take magnificent photos and experience nature in the best way.

Prague, Czech Republic


Known as the capital of romanticism in Central Europe, Prague is a great location for Valentine’s Day. Prague Castle, baroque houses, Charles Bridge and roadside cafes located here invite people to love. This city, which feels great in the Middle Ages with its streets, hot wines, magnificent buildings and meat restaurants, is a good option for Valentine’s Day!


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