The Top 10 Must-See Locations To Visit In April

The cold winter days are over, and with the end of March, we have finally arrived in April, where we can witness the awakening of spring. During this month, the weather in Turkey gets warmer, grasses, and trees bloom … In different parts of the world, there will be disasters due to monsoon rains … What about other countries witnessing the awakening of nature just like our country in April? Of course, there is! Here are 10 different locations to visit in April!


1. Kyoto, Japan


Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan, is one of the places you can visit in April. This is because Kyoto, in this season, has a pink blanket with the blossoming of the famous cherry trees. You can also enjoy the romantic scenery of Kyoto this April by staying in a riverside villa, and you can have unique nature walks in the heart of this landscape.


2. Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is another location that can be travelled in the spring. In this season, you can visit the unique historical beauties in the region accompanied by the magnificent Mediterranean weather, and you can walk calmly through the city streets away from the summer crowd. Moreover, as you can guess, Barcelona is more economical than other times this season.


3. Virgin Islands, USA

The Virgin Islands, which is a full Caribbean paradise, is exceptionally ideal for visiting this season. Because there was no hurricane season yet. White sand beaches, first-class water sports with desirable features of the Virgin Islands, in April is quite calm and economic. You can also turn your holiday route here to have fun and enjoy the sea and nature.


4. Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca, Morocco, in April; It has a warm and dry air away from desert heat of the summer. Moreover, this beautiful city is definitely worth a visit with its French colonial architecture and white sandy beach! To experience the unique tastes of Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisine and witness the different atmosphere of Casablanca, you can turn your route to Morocco.


5. Cairo, Egypt


The best time to visit Cairo with its charming atmosphere can be April. Because in those months the overwhelming humidity and heat of the region have not yet begun. Egyptian pyramids, the Nile and the surrounding restaurants are some of the places to visit. You may also consider going to Cairo for a different holiday experience in April.


6. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam is also one of the places you can visit in April. King’s Day, one of the largest festivals in the Netherlands, is celebrated this month. Free concerts, open marketplaces, fairs, festivals and so on are also starting in this period. Therefore, you can witness this magnificent period of the city and plan your vacation to Amsterdam.


7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, which lived between May and November, is extremely quiet and economical in April. Europe’s favourite cultural art city is among the cheapest overseas locations this season. By taking this opportunity, you can visit here in April when Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe, will open and you can watch the magnificent architecture of the city on the wooden roller-coaster.


8. Rome, Italy


Another nice place in April should be Rome. With three thousand years of history and a charming atmosphere, this delightful city has numerous historical beauties. Moreover, in April the weather is excellent! Therefore, you can choose to visit this beautiful city in April, where you will find another surprise in every street.


9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates


One of its overseas locations, which must be visited in April, is Dubai. Because in this period, you can comfortably enjoy the sea, sand and sun in Dubai. Of course, by the time you get there, don’t come back without shopping!


10. Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles, the world’s art, music and film industry capital, is one of the places to visit in April. Because this beautiful city also has sea, sand, sun richness. Major attractions include Santa Monika, Venice Beach, Malibu Beach, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westwood Village, Griffith Observatory, and Chinatown. You can turn your route to America in April for a different holiday experience.

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