Journey to Istanbul’s La Belle Epoque: Patisserie De Pera

Patisserie De pera

La Belle Epoque, is a dream-like era when globally peace ruled and art was in the ascendant. It was called the Golden Age or the Beautiful Age.  With the rise of haute couture style in fashion, the advent of art nouveau in architecture, the dominance of liberalism, cultural modernism and technological innovation, it was a period akin to a new Renaissance!

Lasting between the end of 19th century and the first decade of 20th century, this period witnessed very consequential inventions like telegram, automotive, flight and cinema while artists such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Gauguin and Auguste Rodin produced their most famous works. In Turkey the effect of this global wind was felt, especially in literature of Edebiyat-i Cedide style representatives such as author Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem and poet Tevfik Fikret all the while frock coat wearing and French fluent government officials, first local journalists and famous Galata bankers frolicked around Beyoğlu, where monumental change would be witnessed in near future. One of the most important legacies still standing from that era for İstanbul is Pera Palace Hotel, which opened its doors to visitors in 1895 and continues to serve without losing its authentic feeling.

Bearing witness to the birth of modern Istanbul, Pera Palace Hotel takes its guests on a short journey with its 127 years of history. Since its establishment; Hosting numerous important national and international guests such as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, İsmet İnönü, Agatha Christie, Greta Garbo, Ernest Hemingway, Pierre Loti, Pera Palace may be the proper address to follow the muses! Patisserie de Pera, located next to the hotel’s main entrance, invites visitors to a sweet journey towards Istanbul’s La Belle Epoque in a pale pink decor.

Some places spontaneously, effortlessly create memorable moments for you and make you the hero of a story… Here is such a place… As soon as you enter, pinks, crystals, elegant porcelain, silver cutlery, historical documents on the wall are the symbols of unconditional love and compassion. Everything is in absolute harmony. That’s why Patisserie de Pera has something good for the soul…

In addition to its colorful macarons, gluten-free lemon cheesecake, and homemade chocolates, Patisserie de Pera has another trademark that was renewed in 2013 with the touch of British Architect Anouska Hempel! The delicious smell of coffee penetrates you! The reason for this is the instant withdrawal of coffee beans…


Step by Step to Istanbul’s LaBelle Epoque

Komando merdivenleri

The most beautiful walking route, La Belle Epoque of Istanbul, can be felt. You can start from Abed Han near Karaköy Pier and continue your walking route with the art nouveau Kamondo Stairs connecting Bankalar Street and Banker Street in Istanbul’s Galata district. These staircases, designed in a rotating way and two parts, were built by Abraham Salomon Kamondo for his grandchildren. In order for them to commute to school more easily…

Then you can turn your route to the Galata Tower, which is used as an exhibition and museum area. If you say, “It wouldn’t be bad to dream a little bit,” the next step may be the Doğan Apartment located on Serdar-ı Ekrem street! Take a breather while contemplating its courtyard and the stories of the people living in it… Our last stop is Pera Palace Hotel, where books are written, and agreements are made, witnessing the most confidential and private secrets… Do not neglect to explore this sheltered time machine, which has the feature of a museum-hotel, step by step, but first, A little coffee and dessert break at Patisserie de Pera!

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