Top 9 Historical Patisseries of Istanbul With Their Goluptious Tastes

Did you know that the pastries participated in Ottoman cuisine with the European influence, were first tasted in Istanbul? Sugar is consumed only by the rich because it was a limited and expensive comestible in the past; it was consumed by the public only on holidays. Nowadays, sugary foods are almost in our lives; further, in a significant place! If we go back to our subject, we have to say that this beautiful city has many historical pastry shops because pastry products have entered Istanbul in a very early period! So, what are the authentic patisseries of Istanbul, with their mouth-pleasing unique tastes? Here are nine historical patisseries carved into our memories from past to present.

1. Savoy

The first Savoy Patisserie was opened in 1950 in Cihangir, was a famous district of that time. Since its opening, it continues to serve sweet lovers by making no concessions from its quality. The menu of Savoy Patisserie includes many of Savoy’s specialities such as mille-feuille pastry, nostalgic wafers, and rococo pastries. In addition to delicious cakes, it is also possible to make a delightful breakfast.

Address: Cihangir Neighbourhood, Sıraselviler St. 91/A, Beyoğlu

2. Inci Patisserie


İnci, which is the most prestigious pastry shop when it comes to profiterole in Istanbul, has a very long history. In the 1940s, Luka Zigoris rented a workshop in front of Galatasaray High School and started to produce and sell a cake, which he named profiterole. This beautiful pie takes a great deal of interest, and Zigoris rents things up and rents a shop on Istiklal Avenue. Thus, the story of İnci Patisserie which has survived to the present day has begun!

Address: Şehit Muhtar Neighbourhood, Mis Sk. 18/A, Beyoğlu

3. Divan

The patisserie, which started to serve at the Divan Hotel in Elmadağ in 1956, attracts everyone with its unique chocolate, boutique pastries and desserts. The second stop of Divan Patisserie whose foundation was laid 60 years ago, was Erenköy in 1964. Ten years after this Divan Patisserie Bebek is opened. In 1981, Moda, and 1984 the Sütlüce branches began, and the unique tastes of Divan Pastanesi were almost all of Istanbul. Today, Divan Patisseries continue to meet sweet lovers with the most delicious desserts with its first-day quality concept!

Address: Tomtom Neighbourhood, İstiklal St. No: 181 K: 5-6, Merkez Han, Beyoğlu

4. Baylan

Baylan, which is one of the favourite patisseries in Istanbul, has a history of nearly 90 years. The patisserie, which was opened by Filip Lenas, an Albanian immigrant, inaugurated with the name “Loryan” then after, in 1934, its name changed to Balyan. Although they opened their first branch in Beyoğlu, today they have branches in Karaköy, Gayrettepe, Bebek, and Kadıköy. This beautiful patisserie’s must-try flavours are; Truffle, Kup Griye, Mon Chéri, Adisababa…

Adres: Arap Mosque Neighbourhood, Tersane St. No:5, Beyoğlu

5. Cemilzade


Cemilzade, one of Istanbul’s century bakeries, was opened in 1883 by Udi Cemil Bey under the name of “Şekerci Cemil Bey.” Following Cemil Bey’s death, his family changed the name of the bakery to Cemilzade. Today, the 4th generation of the family, operated by Barış Cemiloğlu, continues to offer the first-day quality and taste in its four branches. Especially the marzipan and Turkish delight, must-try flavours!

Address: Operatör Cemil Topuzlu Street No:7/C, Selamiçeşme

6. Karaköy Murat Muhallebicisi

The first branch of Murat Muhallebicisi, one of the patisseries where sweethearts meet in the 1900s, is the store in Kocamustafapaşa which is sure to witness much love! Murat Muhallebicisi, which has many branches today, has also increased the desserts on its menu and has not only consisted of tapioca pudding. Nowadays, the variety of sweets in the large store in Karaköy Square is all delicious!

Address: Karamustafapaşa Neighbourhood, Halilpaşa St. Aksu Business Center 14 / C, Beyoğlu

7. Görgülü

Görgülü Patisseries, which have been serving for almost 50 years, were first opened by Ahmet Görgülü on Rumeli Street. Worth trying and challenging for years to taste the sawdust pie, black mulberry custard, curd cheese cookie!

Address: Fenerbahçe Neighbourhood, Bağdat St. 46 / A, Kadikoy / Istanbul

8. Gezi Istanbul

Gezi Istanbul, opened in 1987, is known as the first tiramisu pastry maker in Turkey. Gezi, which has made a difference with its products since the day it was opened, continues to please mouthes with its unique tastes.

Address: Gümüşsuyu Neighbourhood, Ulusal Apt, İnönü St. No: 5, Beyoğlu / İstanbul

9. Patisserie De Pera


Designed as a private lounge, Patisserie de Pera is the perfect place to share a captivating family moment or tête-à-tête while enjoying the most exquisite delights. Patisserie de Pera, located in the very heart of Pera Palace Hotel, always welcomes its guests with unique and unforgettable flavors. Partition, sincerity, and naturality are the keywords of this Art Nouveau rendezvous. Patisserie de Pera continues to form a nostalgic gathering from past today with handmade chocolates, original French cakes, and unique Turkish delicacies, and from the middle of modern time to the most precious times of the history, carries you an impressive journey while cooking, to make you part of a unique taste.
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