A Day in Beyoğlu … What to Eat? What to do? Where to Visit?

If Turkey’s heart can easily be considered as Istanbul,  the heart of Istanbul is definitely Beyoglu! With its history, culture and facilities, Beyoğlu has a magnificent beauty, and life continues 24 hours a day. This beautiful flow enables local and foreign tourists to visit Istanbul and Beyoğlu every year. So what should be visited and what to eat in Beyoğlu? Here are answers to all these questions and more…

Feel the historical texture


When we think of Beyoğlu, of course, the first places that come to mind are historical sites and artefacts. Due to Old Istanbul had been established here, there are many beauties to see in the region. What are the historical buildings in Beyoğlu? If you are coming here for a weekend, you can visit Galata Mevlevihanesi and join the sema rituals. After participating in the Sema ritual, You can climb to Galata Tower, which was built in 507 by the Byzantine Emperor and has been restored many times. The view of Istanbul is felt in the most pleasant way in this tower. Kamondo Stairs, which was built in 1850 and is a famous landmark; Aga Mosque, Arab Mosque, Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque, Botter Apartment, Pera Palace Hotel; other historical beauties you must see. By the way; Don’t forget to eat fish bread on Galata Bridge!

Taste good tastes in deep-rooted pastry shops!


After visiting these beauties, your blood sugar may fall! At this point, run to your aid. Many of these established patisseries have been in the same places since the time of Pera in Beyoğlu. İnci Patisserie, Elifli Patisserie, Savoy Patisserie are some of them. Patisserie de Pera in Pera Palace Hotel is one of the rooted places that many people admire and visit frequently. You will inevitably feel yourself in the Paris of the 1900s from the moment you enter the legendary Patisserie de Pera, Pera Palace Hotel, which has been serving its guests for more than 120 years and is one of the leading hotels in Istanbul. That is why we say that you must taste the delicious flavours that are produced in their own workshops.

Witness a completely different side of Istanbul on the terraces


When we say Beyoğlu, culture, entertainment, history and beauty spread to multiple layers. These beauties can be on the street, on the third floor of an apartment or on the terrace! The terrace cafes and bars in Beyoğlu allow you to taste the unique tastes while offering the luxury of looking at Istanbul from an entirely different perspective. Located in Beyoglu; Birdy Roof, 360 Istanbul, Nuit Terrasse, Balkon and Monkey Istanbul are examples of these. For example, the Orient Terrace at Pera Palace Hotel is one of the most beautiful terraces of Istanbul. You can spend any time at Orient Terrace against the magnificent view of the Golden Horn from the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul, where the sunny days starting with spring continue throughout the summer. In the freshness of the carefully prepared summer menu, you can add value to your time with the cocktails prepared from natural juices, light and delicious tastes and you can be a part of the history that continues to live in every corner of Pera Palace Hotel.

Enjoy street delicacies

It is possible to see the most beautiful street delicacies of Beyoğlu and its surroundings. If you don’t want to spend most of your day, you can taste street delicacies such as mussels, Maras ice cream, wet hamburger, chestnut kebab, milk corn, ring dessert, kokoreç and chickpea rice.

Enjoy shopping on Istiklal Street and the arcades

One of the activities that come to mind when we say Beyoğlu is shopping. Because Istiklal Street has extensive facilities like many essential streets in the world. It is possible to see huge brands on the street and between the streets. Besides, there are well-established passages on the street that are directed to only one product group. For example, Atlas Passage with various accessories, Aleppo Passage where you can find books, silver, jewellery and more, Aznavur Passage where you can find second-hand clothes, bags and tiles, Beyoğlu Passage and Terkos Passage where you can find cheap clothes are some of them.

Packed with art

The heart of this side of Istanbul, an important city of culture and art, beats in Beyoğlu. It is possible to see many works of world-famous local and foreign artists in art galleries hidden all over Beyoğlu. When it comes to Beyoğlu, the art galleries that must be visited are Arter Art Gallery, Gallery Ark, Pera Museum, Pilevneli Gallery, Zilberman Gallery, Gallery Nev, Art On Gallery Istanbul, PG Art Gallery and C.A.M.

End the day with a pleasant concert

Beyoğlu and its surroundings include live music venues with various styles of music, jazz and classical music. You can end the day by enjoying music in places like Babylon, Nardis Jazz Club, Kaset Mitani, Jazz Cafe, Atölye Kuledibi, 49 Çukurcuma, Pera Palace- Grand Pera Ballroom.


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