Istanbul Regional Gastronomy Guide… Where And What to Eat?

Many local and foreign tourists think that the delicacies in Istanbul are tasteless because these flavours‘ roots bound to other regions. However, specific regions of Istanbul have proven some great talents. Some tastes are compatible with some districts of Istanbul. Here are Istanbul’s district-flavour duos.


Yoghurt, Kanlıca

When we say Kanlıca, of course, Kanlıca Yoghurt comes to our minds first. When you come to the district of Beykoz, the pearl of the Bosphorus, don’t come back without eating that yoghurt. When you go to Çınaraltı, be sure to order Kanlıca Yogurt, with powdered sugar. If you don’t like powdered sugar, you can also try it with the jam.


Börek, Sariyer


Sarıyer is popular with Zekeriyaköy, Bahçeköy and Kilyos districts as well as its borek. Indeed Sariyer Borek’s reputation has spread throughout Turkey. This borek which became popular in the Ottoman period is made with phyllo dough. This delicious pastry’s plain, sugar, spinach, potatoes, cheeses and minced meat options are available.


Chocolate, Beyoğlu


Many people who go to Istiklal Street have in their minds all size and colourful chocolates. The reason for this is the presence of well-established chocolatiers and patisseries around Beyoğlu. And these places have a lot of regulars.


Kumpir & Waffle, Ortaköy

How would this be possible to visit Istanbul and to go back without watching Bosphorus from Ortakoy? Also coming to Ortakoy and not to eat waffles and Kumpir? Of course not! From the first moment you step into Ortaköy, you don’t need to search for Kumpir and waffles, because they will find you already!


Fish Bread & Pickles, Eminönü

Fish Bread

Made in Galata Bridge or Eminonu, fish bread is also among the must-taste. Besides, if you are going to take the Bosphorus tour from Eminonu, don’t forget to drink a glass of pickle juice!


Meatballs, Sultanahmet

You travel in the historical peninsula, and you are hungry! The solution is, of course, the Sultanahmet meatballs. When you come to Sultanahmet, you can find many options. Their tastes are nearly as close to each other. Don’t forget to enjoy crispy bread, special sauce and delicious meat when you go to Sultanahmet!


Breakfast & Mussels, Beşiktaş

Besiktas has even “Breakfast Street”! If you want to start your day with a delicious breakfast on your day, your breakfast is waiting for you in Besiktas. In addition to this, you will see mussels on almost every corner of the streets. Don’t forget to squeeze lemon while eating your mussels!


Kokorec, Kadikoy


One of the most popular dishes after entertainment such as Adana’s Şırdan, the Kokorec can be found and eaten at many points of Istanbul. But the Kokorec places in Kadikoy are very tempting!


Chestnuts, Istiklal

In winter, you can find chestnuts at many points of Istanbul. However, as you may remember from the photos, the chestnut and İstiklal Street have been identified for years. Take a chestnut kebab from a chestnut peddler and keep it on your İstiklal Avenue walk.


Tasty fruit juices and slices, Galata


The end of the road leads to Tunel when you finish your İstiklal Street walk. Here you can turn your route to Karaköy and then into the Historic Peninsula. If you want to gather your strength, such as the apple, carrot, orange and pomegranate fruit juices and slices will show up while the sloping down to Karaköy. After you can continue your journey by doping your energy.


Sweetbread, Sutluce

Sweetbread is a kind of food made from parts such as chuck, liver, intestine In the Sütlüce neighbourhood, this meal is greatly renowned! March, April and May are the best months to try sweetbread.


Suleymaniye, Dried Beans

Don’t forget to visit the baked bean restaurants, which are just across the Suleymaniye Mosque and are unique to Suleymaniye! You need to order a dry bean with plenty of butter!


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