8 Flavors and Recipes Spread Around the World From Turkey

Turkish cuisine is one of the areas that make a great contribution to Turkish food and drink tourism with a wide range of food options that are among the famous cuisines of the world and are preferred all over the world. Turkish kebab, doner, baklava, lahmacun, dumpling, menemen and olive oil leaf wrap, known by the whole world, appeal to both your palate and your eyes and make Turkey stand out in gastronomy tourism. The diversity of products grown on the territory of Turkey, the interaction with many different cultures throughout a long historical process, played a role in the formation of the structure of Turkish culinary culture. We have listed for you the desire tastes of Turkish cuisine with the taste that enters the world’s tables.
We have closely studied the recipes of world-famous Turkish dishes that tourists make to their Turkish neighbours when they return to their country, which causes them to search for Turkish restaurants in their country. Eating and drinking forms that contain flavours that differ from region to region have a separate meaning or even sanctity on special days, celebrations and ceremonies. Turkish cuisine contains examples that can be the source of a healthy and balanced diet with many types of food and food, as well as in terms of variety richness and suitability for taste. You can see the first flavours that come to mind when it comes to world-famous Turkish dishes and the stages they go through in the kitchen in our article below.
Unique Tastes Made In Turkish Cuisine,
While Turkish cuisine is among the richest cuisines in the world, it also takes our country to the top in gastronomy tourism. So, what famous tastes do tourists who come to our country prefer Turkey for? Or tourists in many parts of the world prefer Turkish restaurants to try what Turkish flavours? We’ve listed the most prominent flavours for you.

1. Döner (Doner)

Doner, which is indispensable in Turkish cuisine, promises you a delicious meat dish. The consumption and presentation of doner varies, but doner is mainly made using meat or chicken. It can be consumed with yoghurt and pita wraps, pita bread or bread, as well as with rice. Doner varieties, served with roasted peppers, tomatoes, lavash, potatoes and plenty of green salads, leave a unique taste on the palate. Doner is served in the thinnest form of meat and it is very difficult to do. Using a sharp knife while making meat doner is among the tricks of this job. The fact that the doner, which you will serve with any garnish according to your taste, is finely chopped adds flavor to its taste. Finally, if you choose to make meat doner, remember that the meat must be aged for 12 to 24 hours!

2. Lahmacun

When you say Lahmacun, you should think of a thin and crispy roll out dough and a rich topping. Moreover, if this flavor is cooked in a stone oven, it adds flavor to its flavor! While Lahmacun is among the most favourite dishes of both tourists and Turks, it is also on the menu of many restaurants around the world. Lahmacun is consumed with plenty of green salads and ayran, and the preparation of lahmacun, one of the most popular foods of Turkish cuisine, is actually not as difficult as it seems. The most important detail of a good lahmacun is that it has a thinly roll out dough. It can be prepared quickly with a thinly roll out dough and a delicious filling. For a delicious Lahmacun roll out dough; it is very important that the Lahmacun roll out dough is kneaded too much and then rested. With the help of a rolling pin you can roll out a thin roll out dough. Another important trick to making lahmacun at home is the cooking stage. We recommend that you cook it in the oven at 180 degrees and in a controlled manner.

3. Baklava

Baklava is a classic Turkish dessert that leaves a unique taste on the palate. The sherbet of baklava sweetens your tables with its thinly rolled special roll out dough and walnuts or peanuts inside. Drinking foamy Turkish coffee while eating Baklava is a must for this dessert! Baklava is very difficult and long hauls to make. To prepare a delicious baklava, you have to risk roll out dough at least 40 layers of roll out dough. In order for the baklava roll out dough to be crispy at the end, the baklava roll out dough should be roll out dough thinly, plenty of butter should be used while cooking, and the topping should not be avoided. When it comes to sherbet, baklava should be cold and sherbet hot. You can prepare baklava with walnut or pistachio according to your preference.

4. Menemen (eggs scrambled with tomatoes and green pepper)

Menemen, one of the indispensable breakfasts of Turkish cuisine, almost every appeal to the taste buds. Menemen served in many different varieties with cheddar, sausage, onion and without onions offers a complete Mediterranean flavor. This unique flavor with delicious bread on the side is a must for weekend breakfasts. You can choose the menemen, which is prepared practically and freely in a short time without certain molds, not only for breakfast but for every meal. You can prepare the menemen prepared according to taste, with or without onion.

5. Türk Kebabı (Turkish Kebab)

Turkey gave to the world, Turkey Turkish Kebab flavor that first came to mind, which is the cornerstone of Turkish cuisine with varieties legendary. Famous Adana kebab for spicy lovers, Urfa kebab for those who prefer painless, toothpick kebab with plenty of spices, Iskender kebab combined with yogurt, Karamürsel kebab decorated with pita, entering the world cuisine is one of the first to come to mind when it is called Turkish cuisine. We would like to say that making kebab is not easy. If you want to prepare kebab, which is unique to our country with kebab meat, seasoning, cooking, rice, tail fat, you need to prepare a colourful plate. If you prefer to cook a barbecue kebab, you can set the perfect cooking time by putting the skewers in the barbecue after the coal turns into coals.

6. Mantı (Turkish Dumpling)

Also known as traditional Kayseri Dumpling or spoon ravioli and made to fit 40 pieces in a spoon, this magnificent flavor is served with yogurt and sauce. The Dumpling, whose dough is very thinly, is cut into square pieces and formed into a bundle by adding special minced meat. Dumpling, which is also sold ready-made and made at home, is again out of Turkish cuisine and is among the top tastes of the world. If you prefer ready-made dumpling, which is extremely practical, if you want to make a hand roll, make sure that the dough is very thin. Another trick is to give the stuffing of dumpling and its shape quickly. This way, you can prevent the dough from hardening.

7. Çiğ Köfte

The famous Çiğ Köfte, which belongs to Şanlıurfa and Adıyaman regions, is among the unique tastes that spread from the Southeast to the world. Çiğ köfte, lettuce, served as appetizers and plenty of greens with lemon are one of the most preferred flavours in Turkey. The meatless alternative to Çiğ köfte made of fine bulgur and originally with meat, is also highly preferred. A good start before the main meal and appetizing, Çiğ köfte are a meal made by kneading, not cooked For this reason, for a good Çiğ köfte, very finely chopped and long kneaded ingredients are important details.

8. Zeytinyağlı Sarma

It is one of the famous flavours of the Aegean region, with olive oil wrapped leaves, thinly wrapped like a pencil, plenty of lemon and plenty of fat. Among the dishes that spread from the Aegean region to the world, there are several types of stuffed grape leaves. The key to this healthy and light flavor is hidden in its thin make stuffed grape leaves like a pencil. For this reason, it is important to wrap the leaves without filling the filling too much. In addition, it is necessary to adjust the inner mortar of the leaves well. Depending on your taste, you can make this unique recipe by choosing fresh vine leaves or pickled vine leaves.


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