9 Flavours You Must Taste When You Visit Historical Peninsula

The Historic Peninsula is the oldest settlement in Istanbul and is surrounded by the Golden Horn, the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus. The region, which has such a long history, has many historical monuments and structures from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern are the main ones. Another feature of the Historical Peninsula, which welcomes hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, is undoubtedly the historical flavour stops. Thus there are countless different flavours to be tasted in the area. So, what are those delicacies? Here are the treats you should taste while visiting the Historic Peninsula!


1. Boza


Boza is the first of the popular flavours of the Historic Peninsula. Although not hot, this excellent flavour that warms us in winter days is a storehouse of vitamin B, and its history is known to date back to 400 BC. If you want to experience Boza and Leblebi in a historic place, we strongly recommend you to visit the Historical Peninsula.


2. Meatball

When we think of the Historical Peninsula, one of the first things we think is Sultanahmet, but when we think of Sultanahmet first thing we think is the meatball. Many traditional meatball restaurants have been serving in this region for many years. If you haven’t tried it before, we’ll say you have a taste of Sultanahmet meatballs.


3. Cag kebab

Cağ Kebab, which is a kind of kebab originated in Erzurum, is one of the delicacies you should try on the Historic Peninsula. Cağ Kebabı, known to be the ancestor of the doner, which is the beloved taste of our kitchen, provides a beautiful dining experience with its unique texture and distinctive ritual.


4. Dried beans


Dried beans, one of the famous flavours of the Historical Peninsula, although it is indispensable for our houses, should be tried especially in this region. Because the historical peninsula dried been places makes this flavour with full consistency, they offer a magnificent presentation. You can experience the most beautiful version of dried bean pilaf duo in this region.


5. Fish Bread


Eminonu, one of the popular districts of the Historic Peninsula, is famous for its fish bread. There are many stalls and restaurants in the area where you can eat fish and bread. As soon as you enter Eminönü, you will be greeted by an inviting fish smell. Don’t forget to give yourself a feast at the Historic Peninsula at the first opportunity to consume seasonal fish with plenty of salads and appetite.


6. Pita bread

One of the most popular flavours of Turkish cuisine is the pita, which is, of course, tasted in the Historic Peninsula. You can dine at one of the authentic pita restaurants of the Historical Peninsula in order to experience all the different types of pita and add flavour to your trip.


7. Ring Dessert


Let’s come to the sweetest of the historical peninsula flavours! Although the ring dessert is a taste, you will often find on the streets of Istanbul, of course, the most beautiful one can be tasted in this historical area. You can explore the streets of the Historic Peninsula by eating this crispy taste, which you can define as the brother of the tulumba.


8. Kokorec

Istanbul’s popular street flavour Kokorec is also one of the exceptional tastes of the Historic Peninsula. There are many historical places in the area where you can find the best of Kokorec. If you are looking for delicious food at an affordable price, you can sweeten your historical peninsula tour with kokoreç.


9. Baklava

We kept the baklava, one of the most beautiful flavours of the Historical Peninsula, at the end of our article. Most of the historical baklava makers in Istanbul are located within the borders of the Historic Peninsula. In fact, baklava festival is held in the region every year. You can end your tour of the Historic Peninsula by tasting baklava to experience the varieties of it.

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