Orient Terrace: The Original World of Aegean and Mediterranean Cuisine

Orient Teras

Mediterranean cuisine, which has an important place in world cuisine and Aegean cuisine, which feeds Mediterranean cuisine with its local richness, promises feast tables with its delightful dishes.

Mediterranean cuisine, which has a characteristic identity, includes Italian, Spanish, Maghreb, Greek, Levant, and Turkish cuisines. Aegean cuisine comes to mind first when we think about Turkish cuisine. Well, how about exploring the Aegean and Mediterranean cuisines, which stand out with their olive oil dishes and fresh fish products?


Features of Mediterranean Cuisine

Akdeniz Mutfağı

Mediterranean cuisine is enriched by the food cultures of countries dominated by the Mediterranean climate. Among the main elements of this cuisine are fish types called bottarga, which are usually grilled or baked and salted. In addition to fish, olive oil dishes, wine and bread are also frequently preferred in Mediterranean cuisine. On top of it, the dominance of stews with tomatoes and vegetables and mutton fry stands out in this cuisine.

While dairy products such as cheese and yogurt are frequently used in Mediterranean cuisine, spices are highly preferred to give direction to the original structure of the dishes. Among the elements that enrich Mediterranean cuisine, vegetables and fruits grown in the Mediterranean climate come to the fore. These foods are used to create fresh and delicious foods that are preferred especially during the summer days, such as Mediterranean salad, sea bean salad, Mediterranean-style salmon, and lemon marmalade.


Features of Aegean Cuisine

Ege mutfağı

Influenced by different civilizations living in the region and becoming an original part of Turkish cuisine, Aegean cuisine also stands out at first glance, dishes with olive oil and fish products. Especially the vegetable dishes that are made by blending with olive oil do have a say in the unique structure of Aegean cuisine.

Aegean cuisine differs sharply from other cuisines with its unique dishes such as sea cowpea made with various herbs and vegetables, stuffed zucchini blossoms, dried cod bean salad, broad beans with olive oil, stuffed artichokes, mücver and radish salad. It also paves the way for eating healthy, especially during summer. Characteristic and refreshing appetizers such as fava, atom, Cretan paste, Ege güzeli and octopus salad are other attractive appetizers of the cuisine.

When you look closely at the main dishes of the Aegean cuisine, it is clearly seen that fish species dominate. Seafood ranging from sea bass steamed to grilled octopus, squid, and stuffed mackerel to smoked fish are among the indispensables of the kitchen.

Pastries and wine options are also very effective in getting into different tastes of Aegean cuisine. When looking at the dessert feast, Chicken Breast Pudding (made from milk and dairy products), Kazandibi (pudding with a caramel base) and mastic-gum pudding, as well as desserts such as pumpkin dessert, fig dessert and kar helvası (shaved ice) come to the fore.


Inspired by Mediterranean and Aegean Cuisine: Orient Terrace

Orient Terrace opens its doors full of flavor to its guests under the roof of Pera Palace Hotel, which has become a timeless icon that defies history and welcomes them with its rich menu. Combining his 25 years of experience with his talent, Chef Ahmet Gencer cheers up the palates of his visitors with the dishes that he prepares.

While creating a visual feast with the view of Istanbul, Orient Terrace offers unique examples of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine from cold and hot starters to main courses. Italian cuisine is also included which is one of the important components of Mediterranean cuisine and opens a separate place for pasta and risotto in its menu.

It is also home to fresh desserts such as light and delicious apple tart tatin, crepes Suzette, chestnut soufflé, and baked rice pudding. In addition, its affluent menu includes refreshing cocktails such as movie, bourbon smash, lemon drops and wines that are indispensable for Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine.

Orient Terrace, one of the most popular stops of the summer months, promises to cheer up your palate at the end of a remarkable evening by exceeding your expectations. You can contact Orient Terrace to enjoy the unique tastes of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisines.

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