Top 10 Delicious Kebab Places in Istanbul

Every flavour is beautiful when you eat it in its favourite place; so are the kebab varieties. But there are places in Istanbul that change the idea radically. We guarantee that you will eat your fingers when you go to these places, and you will not miss Adana! Here are the 10 most delicious kebabs in Istanbul.


Bursa Garage Kebab

Bursa Garaj Kebap, which has 13 years of history, has been maintaining its quality since the first day. It is possible to feel the intimacy from the first moment you enter the space. This intimacy and taste make it one of the best kebab restaurants in Istanbul. When you go to the place, don’t forget to try the delicious pickles and pumpkin dessert besides the kebab!

Address: Levent Mahallesi, Hanimeli Street, No: 2, 34330 Besiktas / Istanbul


Adana Ocakbasi

Adana Ocakbaşı is a small, peaceful and delicious place in Kurtulus. So much so that the restaurant has a lot of goers. The meat of the place comes from Balıkesir Gönen. When you go to the place, don’t forget to order the delicious kebabs, yoghurt eggplant salad, tzatziki and mash.

Address: Bozkurt Mahallesi, No: 2, Baysungur Street, 34375 Sisli / Istanbul


Emin Usta

Emin Usta from Karagümrük is one of the places where Vedat Milor gives full marks. Emin Usta, who is both the owner and the foreman of the place, must definitely taste the kebabs that come out of his hands before the kebab is served. When you go to the place, try Adana and Urfa. But if you have a flavour to try before them, it is eggplant kebab! 

Address: Hırka-i Şerif Mahallesi, Karabulut Street, No: 4, 34091, Karagümrük, Fatih / İstanbul


Nisantasi Kosebasi

All the meat cooked in Nişantaşı Köşebaşı, which is one of the best addresses of kebab in Istanbul, is from its own farm. Although the prices of the place is a bit high, we can definitely say that you will be a regular. In Köşebaşı, meat mixes are specially made for kebab varieties.

Address: Macka Bronz Street, Macka Street, No: 5/1, 34370 Sisli / Istanbul


Öz Kilis Kebab and Lahmacun Restaurant

You will not regret whatever you try at Öz Kilis Kebap And Lahmacun Restaurant in Fatih. This place, which has been sufficiently noted by the authorities, is a very suitable place. Don’t forget to try the Gavurdagi salad and lahmacun with a kebab!

Address: Aksemseddin Mahallesi, 34091 Fatih / Istanbul


Umut Ocakbasi Restaurant

Serving in the back streets of Beyoğlu since 1976, Umut Ocakbaşı is one of the must-go kebab restaurants with its unique tastes. Once you come here, we guarantee you’re a regular. Everything presented in the space is brought daily. This makes it possible to eat fresh products. Don’t forget to taste the turnip brought from Adana with special barrels!

Address: Katip Çelebi Mahallesi, 34433 Beyoğlu / İstanbul


Develi Restaurant

The history of Develi goes back to 1912. The restaurant has branches in Samatya, Kalamış, Etiler, Ataşehir, Florya, Eminönü, Nişantaşı and a few other places. The must-have kebab with pistachio is one of the places to try. The place has been praised and rewarded by many authorities.

Address: Küçükbakkalköy Mahallesi, Vedat Günyol Caddesi, No: 9 D: 9, 34750 Ataşehir / İstanbul


Saray Erzurum Cağ Kebab

Located in Kurtköy, Saray Erzurum Cag Kebab leaves a great taste on the palate. If you’ve never eaten cag kebab in your life, we’d say start first. Be sure to try this flavour, which is specially seasoned, cooked on the wood fire and served with skewers!

Address: Yenisehir Mahallesi, Mustafa Akyol Street, Grup Center Business Center, K: 2, No: 97 Pendik / Istanbul


Canak Kebab & Katmer

Çanak Kebap & Katmer, the shining face of Gaziantep in Istanbul, offers its customers beautiful kebabs and local dishes. Abugannuş, shish kebab, bait, garbage skewers, shish kebab, tomato kebab are among the things you should try.

Address: Acıbadem Caddesi, No: 115, 36660, Kadıköy / İstanbul


Uzunlar Kebab

Serving since 1986, Uzunlar uses the best of spices and meat. Each kebab comes from hands full of love and flavour. Adana and meat skewers are among the things that should be tasted first.

Address: Pendik Sahilyolu, No: 1 Business Administration, Pendik Istanbul

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