Delicious Breakfast Cultures from Countries Around the World

In many parts of the world, such as Cemal Süreya, who emphasized the importance of breakfast by saying that” breakfast should have something to do with happiness”, breakfast is seen as the most important and enjoyable meal of the day. Of course, contrary to the breakfast concept we are used to, it is possible to say that every country has its own breakfast culture. Here are the delicious breakfast cultures of countries from all around the world!

Tortilla, Jalapeno, and Much More: Mexico

Meksika kahvaltı kültürü

Mexican cuisine, which has the spiciest and most colorful dishes in the world, offers a unique experience for breakfast. Tortilla, which finds a place for itself in every meal, is also an indispensable taste of breakfasts. Among the breakfast preferences of Mexicans, who do not miss eggs at this first meal of the day, are huevos a la Mexicana, scrambled eggs prepared by adding tomatoes, onions, and jalapeno peppers; There is an egg dish called huevos rancheros, reminiscent of *menemen, served with cornbread and salsa sauce. Mexicans successfully blend the classic flavors they prefer for lunch and dinner with breakfast foods, creating a satisfying taste experience at breakfast.

*Turkish-style scrambled eggs with chopped onions, tomatoes, and sliced green peppers.

An Extraordinary Breakfast Experience: Japan

The Japanese, who have a completely different cuisine from all the recipes that come to mind, prefer to start the day with a breakfast similar to lunch or dinner. Cooked rice, which is usually included in every meal, is also indispensable for breakfast. Avoiding fatty and heavy foods, the Japanese consume healthy but satisfying foods for breakfast. A large portion of the breakfast meal consists of foods containing high protein. The Japanese breakfast usually includes fish, sushi, or eggs, and miso soup prepared with soybean paste, broth, mushrooms, and seaweed. The Japanese, who do not neglect a healthy diet at any meal, complete their breakfast meal by drinking green tea.

Enjoying Breakfast with Cappuccino and Cornetto: Italy

italya kahvaltı kültürü

Italian cuisine, one of the most popular cuisines of the world, which has conquered everyone’s hearts with its magnificent pasta and pizza, gives priority to coffee when it comes to breakfast. Italians, who usually prefer cappuccino, start the day with Italian croissants, called cornetto, next to this coffee. Italian breakfasts, where you can’t see the fancy breakfast tables, consist of products that everyone can consume even while walking on the road. The purpose of breakfast for Italians is to start the day with a quick recharge. While food culture has a very important place, breakfast is not a main meal for them. For this reason, they usually prefer dessert for breakfast.

Unprecedented: Turkey

Türkiye kahvaltı kültürü

It is not surprising that the Turkish breakfast, which fills your eyes before your stomach, has made a name for itself around the world. Unlike Italians, breakfast in our country may be the most flamboyant meal of the day. The Turkish breakfast, which turns into a visual feast, includes various kinds of cheese, olives, jams, honey, cream, eggs, and pastries. Turks, who usually start their day with black tea, do not miss pastries such as börek, bagels, pastry, and bread at their breakfast tables. In Turkish breakfast, where eggs are indispensable for breakfast dividing the country into two, with whether the eggs should be with sausage and onions or without onions, menemen have been keeping its place on the breakfast tables for many years.

A Filling Start for the Day: America

The American breakfast, which we are familiar with from TV series and movies, offers a different experience with its unique flavors. As in the Turkish food culture, breakfast is a very important meal for Americans. Americans, who are content with only a sandwich or salad for lunch, prefer a rich breakfast beforehand. Egg choices include sunny side up, which we know as fried eggs, scrambled eggs or eggs benedict prepared with muffin, poached egg, hollandaise sauce, and topped with Canadian bacon. It is possible to come across foods such as sausage, potatoes, cheese, pancakes, tomatoes, and toast on a classic plate defined as the American breakfast.

A Small Lunch (Petit-Déjeuner): France

Fransa kahvaltı kültürü

Although France is the first country that comes to mind when it comes to cheese, the French, who never see cheese as a breakfast item, prefer only dessert and coffee for breakfast, like the Italians. The French, who usually consume baguettes, croissants, or sliced bread, add a sweet touch to their breakfast meal by choosing jam or honey with it. If you, too, would like to experience a delightful French breakfast experience, you can try a French breakfast at the Kubbeli Saloon, the magnificent meeting place of Pera Palace Hotel, which has recently been included in the Michelin Guide’s recommended restaurants list.


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