Decoration Suggestions for Weddings in a Romantic and Historical Venue

While you are excited for that glorious day when you will take the first step in marriage, you can dive into deep thoughts about how to organize the wedding of your dreams. The atmosphere created with the preferred wedding venue, concept, and decorations resulted from a beautiful organization; The melodic harmony of the bride and groom makes that night unforgettable. However, knowing where to start the wedding, it is necessary to plan well, proceed with a good organization, and get organizational support if required.

You can start by first determining a concept that suits your style. The venues that will appear when you assess your style will give you the necessary clues and make your preparation easier. Although predominantly rural weddings or poolside wedding concepts, garden botanical style wedding concepts are preferred during the summer months; you can also consider a vintage wedding concept for a different and extraordinary wedding. With the vintage wedding concept, you can create an environment where you can reflect the naive and sincere feelings of the past in romantic and historical places, which will lead you to create your own wedding story.

Decoration Suggestions for Romantic and Historical Places

The decoration is an essential issue in weddings held in a romantic and historical place and have a vintage concept. So let’s take a look at the decoration suggestions you should pay attention to for a wedding in this concept:


  • You can choose your tables and chairs from wood or solid, and you can make simple and naive choices without exaggeration in decorations.
  • You can choose crystal glasses, worn cutlery, small candlesticks, and plain colored napkins as possible for your table decorations. In addition, you can make elegant touches with leafy branches and simple small flowers.
  • You can take care to decorate your chairs as minimally as possible. Small bunches that you can create with the leafy branches you use on your table and pink tulle that will support the romantic atmosphere can help you in this regard.
  • You can choose pink and peach tones to create an emotional and romantic atmosphere. You can choose the flowers, napkin holders, glasses, and plates you use in these tones.
  • The dim candle lights that come to mind when talking about romance are among our must-haves. You can use different sizes of luminous candles on and around your table. In addition, you can add a unique atmosphere to your concept with handmade jar candles that stand as stalactites tied from above with straw rope.
  • The glass lanterns you will put at the entrance or the corridor section of the place will support the soft lighting of the environment and make a very stylish touch to your concept.
  • The selection of flowers and the pleasant scents they emit can make your wedding day much more memorable. For this reason, you can use your flower preference for vivid and white, pink, or soft tones roses.
  • You can decorate the wedding area or the bridal table with an arch of tulle and flowers in a suitable way for the entire hall, and you can add sparkle to the room with jar candles tied with straw rope.
  • You can make a welcome sign at the wedding venue entrance consisting of the flowers you use in your concept and even enrich the visuality by using glass lanterns and vintage accessories around it.
  • Another critical issue that will support the decoration suggestions is the wedding music. You can add a more magnificent atmosphere with the music suitable for the concept that your guests can listen to as they enter the area.

The Venue You Are Looking For For The Wedding Of Your Dreams: Pera Palace Hotel


Suppose you want to have a wedding both in a historic place and in a romantic atmosphere. In that case, you can choose the iconic Pera Palace Hotel in Beyoğlu, one of Istanbul’s historic districts. Pera Palace Hotel is a hotel that preserves itself as an important legacy left to Turkish architecture by Alexandre Vallaury, and where we can smell the history. It also offers a very convenient venue for a romantic wedding.

If you want to have a romantic wedding in a historic place, you can choose Pera Palace Hotel. While you realize your dream wedding in a dreamlike atmosphere, you can host guests outside the city in the rooms named after the celebrities who passed by Pera Palace Hotel. You can contact Pera Palace Hotel to make your special day unique.


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