Taking a Break in Beyoğlu, Where the Heart of Istanbul Beats: Places Where You Can Drink Delicious Cocktails

Beyoğlu kokteyl mekanları, taksim kokteyl mekanları

Beyoğlu is one of the locations where the heart of Istanbul beats fastest with its texture, history, cosmopolitan structure, and cultural and artistic activities! In this fast pace of Beyoğlu, sometimes it is necessary to stop, take a breath and watch the life going by in a beautiful corner of the region. This is as great a pleasure as getting carried away by the flow of Beyoğlu! When you need these moments, many stylish and high-quality places open their doors to you with a smile. This pleasant break that you take will be accompanied by delicious cocktails that leave a mark on the palate. Here are the most beautiful locations where you can drink your cocktail, sometimes against the sunset or sometimes under the unique lights of the city!


Cherry Meets Rum: Enjoying Pomojito in Cihangir

How about going on a pleasant culinary journey in the boutique cafes of Cihangir, one of the most popular districts of Beyoğlu? If you would like to sweeten the day with a refreshing drink, then Pomojito is the exact cocktail that you are looking for! The main ingredients in this cocktail are pomegranate or pomegranate juice and rum. This duo is accompanied by lemon juice and fresh mint leaves. Pomojito can also be made using cherries and cherry syrup instead of pomegranate and grenadine. You can enjoy trying Pomojito, which you can decide on with pomegranate or cherry, in Cihangir.


A Familiar Taste: Margarita Break in Galata

If you would like to catch your breath in Galata and spend pleasant moments in this historical place, then sipping margaritas in the narrow streets of Galata might be a good idea. Spreading from Mexico to the world, margarita blends with tequila, orange liqueur and lemon juice harmoniously. Margarita can also be served with or without ice. This classic taste can accompany you and contribute to the embellishment of your day.


Refreshing Effect: Meet with Lemon Drop Cocktail in Asmalımescit

Would you like to take a second and observe life a little in Asmalımescit, which reflects the spirit of Beyoğlu with all its colors? Lemon drop cocktail can accompany you during this pleasant break with its refreshing effect. The cocktail blends expertly, preferably with vodka-flavored and orange-flavored liqueur. This duo is accompanied by sugar syrup and lemon juice. Also, thinly cut lemon peel slices add a stylish touch. The cocktail that you will sip while watching the crowds of Beyoğlu and the tourists looking around with curiosity will have a refreshing effect on you! If you would like to increase the coolness of the cocktail to your desired level, you can also request ice while you are ordering.


A Classic: Old Fashioned Cocktail Awaits You in Çukurcuma

If you prefer a cocktail that is made with whiskey, let’s take you to the skies of Çukurcuma to meet the delicious old-fashioned cocktail that has been consumed since the 1800s! Old fashioned is usually made using bourbon whiskey. Other important ingredients in the cocktail are Angostura bitters and 1 cube of sugar. Of course, demerara syrup can also be used instead of sugar. In this way, if you are disturbed by the sugar pieces, you can get rid of this effect. Ultimately with both methods, you can enjoy your cocktail in a place with a unique view of Beyoğlu!


Enjoy the View with Bourbon Smash Cocktail in Tophane

Would you like to leave the tiredness of the day all behind in Tophane, which hosts the vibrant streets of Beyoğlu? Then another drink that is made with whiskey as the main ingredient, the Manhattan cocktail, can accompany you! It is blended with whiskey, fresh mint, and lime. Sugar syrup is also added. At the end of this mixture, a bourbon smash cocktail that promises a strong aroma emerges. Whether you want it to be served with ice or not is entirely up to you!


Delicious Cocktails are Meeting with a Unique View: Orrient Terrace

You can enjoy the unique view of Istanbul that is accompanied by delicious cocktails at the Orrient Terrace within Pera Palace Hotel, which carries the splendor of history in all its glory. Orrient Terrace, which you can easily choose when you want to take a break during the day or enhance your evening, offers classic and specially made cocktails, alcoholic coffees, and a carefully prepared wine menu. It is possible to make the day much more enjoyable with many delicious cocktails, from bourbon smash to Pomojito! In addition to classic flavors, you can also try special flavors such as elderflower bubbly and midnight at the Pera Palace here.

Orrient Terrace also manages to capture the spirit of the times when it comes to food. It brings the richness of world cuisines, especially Mediterranean cuisine, seafood, and grilled varieties, to your table. The venue does not neglect to decorate all this diversity with delicious desserts that are signed by award-winning chefs. Enjoy Istanbul with your choice of cocktails before or after your meal! You can easily make your reservation at Orrient Terrace for a pleasant break in Beyoğlu.

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