The Most Pleasant Places to Listen to Classical Music in Istanbul

The emergence of classical music dates back to ancient times. This delightful music continues to meet with its fans both in recitals and concerts by many venues. We have brought together places where you can enjoy classical music concerts that will help you feel good both physically and spiritually, boost your creativity even more and feed your soul. Here are the places that classical music lovers must visit!

1. Atatürk Cultural Center

Atatürk Kültür Merkezi

Many artistic activities, from dance performances to operas, from ballet performances to theater plays, meet with the audience at Atatürk Cultural Center, one of the cultural centers of Istanbul. In addition to all these activities, recitals and concerts on different themes prepared by symphony orchestras are frequently held at AKM. You can enjoy the performances of valuable local and foreign classical music artists by following the AKM event calendar. Afterward, you can visit the restaurants or cafes of Turkish and world cuisine in AKM, and visit the music-related exhibitions by visiting the AKM music platform. You can read about your interests in the AKM art library, which focuses on subjects such as music, art, design, and architecture. In the design shop, you can take a look at the design products that are the subject of the exhibited events.

2. Süreyya Opera House

The Süreyya Building, which was built by Süreyya İlmen Pasha in 1924, and the Süreyya Cinema, known to the people of Istanbul, were restored by Kadıköy Municipality for two years. As a result of the restoration works, it started to serve the art world in 2007 as the Süreyya Opera House. Many classical music events are held in this historical building, which is Turkey’s 6th opera house. Season opening concert of Gedik Philharmonic Orchestra, Gülsin Onay piano recital, Music of Virtuosos Trio Stradivarius concert, Istanbul Chamber Orchestra’s Coffee Concerts, Hakan Şensoy-Kandemir Basmacıoğlu concert, Borusan Quartet-Albion Quartet concert and Chamber Music Concert; Some of the events that will meet the audience in October and November. By attending concerts and recitals at Süreyya Opera House, where different artists and orchestras take the stage throughout the year, you can enjoy every second of it and immerse yourself in the harmony of music.

3. Şişli Cemil Candaş City Cultural Center

Şişli Cemil Candaş Cultural Center, which hosts many organizations, has a foyer area, exhibition halls, and a show hall with a capacity of 780 seats. Naz İrem Türkmen and Can Saraç, Violin and Piano Recital of the center, which occasionally includes classical music concerts, is among the upcoming classical music events.

4. Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall

Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall hosts classical music events throughout the year. In addition to hosting local and foreign artists, the concert hall also has its own symphony orchestra, Young Chamber Orchestra, Jazz Orchestra, and Turkish Music Ensemble. These orchestras often meet with the audience and also perform with guest artists. Meral Azizoğlu – Sarközi Band İstanbul Songs, Doğaç Bezdüz-CRR Young Chamber Orchestra Pietro Roffi, Igudesman-Joo Play It Again, Okan Akbaş-CRR Young Chamber Orchestra and Fikret Amirov 100th Anniversary Commemorative Concert are among the upcoming events. Apart from these concerts, many other artistic activities are also held in the concert hall. You can visit the CRR Concert Hall to meet with the music that you can’t get enough of and talented artists.

5. Pera Palace Hotel – Grand Pera Ballroom

Cumartesi Konserleri

Pera Palace Hotel continues to host many cultural events from balls to concerts and exhibitions throughout its more than 120 years of history. Breaking new ground in Istanbul, Pera Palace Hotel is starting the new season of Saturday Morning Concerts at the Grand Pera Ballroom, which fascinates everyone with its natural acoustics and magnificent design. The 2022-2023 season, which is eagerly awaited by those who love to listen to classical music, will start with Özgecan Günöz and Özgür Ünaldı’s concert called Sonbahar Rüzgarı(Autumn Wind) in Pera. In the continuation of the program, honoring the death of Marcel Proust’s 100th Anniversary Commemoration Concert, Dünyanın Tüm Tangoları(All Tango of the World), Yeni Yıla Merhaba(Hello to the New Year), Müzikte Solo Anlatım(Solo Narration in Music), Müziğin Kanatlarında(In the Wings of Music), Bach’la Gezinti(Trip with Bach) and Pera’da Bakır Esintiler concerts will be held. The concerts, where many artists and groups will meet with the audience, will last approximately one hour without interruption. Tickets for the concerts prepared with the cooperation of IDEA Müzik and the main sponsorship of Sompo Sigorta will be available at


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