Top 7 Fabulous Domestic Honeymoon Destinations for Summer Marriages

You made your wedding organization with a sweet flurry. When pre-wedding process and during the wedding, you always had this question in mind: “Where should we go on our honeymoon?” That day came. It’s time to go on your honeymoon! But if you still haven’t found a place to go and don’t want to spend more money going abroad; necessarily but definitely listen to our recommendations for these domestic honeymoon destinations. Here are lovely domestic honeymoon destinations for those who will get married in the summer months.


Çıralı town, which is a district of Antalya Kemer, is one of the lesser known honeymoon locations with its natural beauties, sea and sun. In addition to all these natural beauties, it attracts attention with its historical riches. There is Chimera on one side of Çıralı and Olympos on one side. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for couples who want to enjoy natural beauty and history. The beach has high-quality fine-grained sand. This is literally one of the hidden paradise Turkey.



If you are looking for a peaceful and charming location, Kaş, which is a district of Antalya, is for you! The sea here is brilliant, and the beaches are golden coloured. Kaş is located at the intersection of the historical Lycian Way and Caria Road, and there are many ancient cities around it. Kaputaş Beach, Kekova, Antiphellos Antique City, Kalkan, Xanthos Antique City, Demre, Patara Beach, Saklikent Canyon and Kaleköy are among the must-see places. Also, when you come here, do not forget to attend diving courses, visit the breakfast places in the area, go to the Jazz bars and buy gifts from the shops in Uzun Çarşı.


Ayvalık, which promises couples a completely different honeymoon with its bay windows, narrow streets and diverse cultures it contains, is located in Balıkesir province of Aegean Region. Here are beautiful blue flag beaches. This place, which is 2 hours on average from Balıkesir and 5.5 hours from İstanbul, was called Kidonia, which means quince in ancient times. Places to visit in Ayavalık include Ayvalik Bazaar, Cunda Island, Devil’s Table, Sarimsakli Beach, Badavut Beach, Ortunc Bay, Rahmi Koc Museum, Ayazma Church, Saatli Mosque, Paradise Hill, Kucukkoy.


Gocek is a surreal honeymoon option with its islands, azure sea and bays. Every location on the list is beautiful, but Göcek is entirely different! It is possible to find the most private beaches and stylish boutique hotels in the world. When you get here, don’t forget to do the 12 Islands Tour, paragliding in Babadağ where is 50 km away from the Gocek, and visit the bazaar in the centre!



You can see all the shades of blue and green Muğla’s beautiful district offers a quality and cheap holiday for couples who want to go on a honeymoon. Boat tours in the area are frequently preferred by couples. However, rafting, surfing, cycling as well as sports activities such as rakı & fish are also enjoyable! Kapıdağı Peninsula, Hippokome Antique City, Oktapolis Antique City, Perforated Poplar, Ardıçlı Hill and Dalaman River are among the places to visit.



Cappadocia is a romantic and mysterious location which is considered among both summer and winter honeymoon locations. Here, the day begins with the feast of the sun and colourful hot air balloons. The sunset and the harmony of the mystical atmosphere of the fairy chimneys are entirely different. It is a sensible choice for those who want to go on a honeymoon in Cappadocia, learn, have fun and relax at the same time. When you come here, you can experience beautiful things. You can ride ATV and horses, you can start a great day with balloons, you can try superb wines. Güllüdere Valley, Zemi Valley, Love Valley, Sunset Point, El Nazar Church, Uchisar, Avanos, Urgup, Cavusin Village, Ortahisar can be visited.


If you want to have a cheap and quality holiday, you should definitely look for Assos. Assos, one of the pearls of the Aegean, is located in Çanakkale. The region attracts attention with its nature, sea, sun and historical beauties. Located directly on the andesite cliffs just across the island of Lesbos, this paradise corner is one of the most important settlements of the Ancient Age. Here you can swim from the beautiful beach of Assos; The sea can also be enjoyed in places such as Kadırga Bay, Koruoba Beach, Green Harbor and Sivrice. The sea of this place is freezing cold water and stony. There are two accommodation options in Assos. Either stay by the beach or stay in Behramkale. If you are going here by car, you can stay in Behramkale, in the hilly area. Thus, you can reach the sea quite easily. But if you don’t have a car, stay on the beach side. A peaceful holiday awaits you!


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