Open-air spots to listen to music in Istanbul!

For those who will spend the summer in Istanbul, the open air venues of Istanbul are the most important details that make this season beautiful. These places, with their magnificent views of Istanbul, give people a totally different pleasure in the heat of summer. What are the open-air venues where you can get enough of music, which is a good alternative for those who can’t leave the city because of the busy summer? Here are some of the places you can choose to enjoy the summer and enjoy the music!

  1. Alexandra Cocktail & Bar

Alexandra Cocktail & Bar, located in Arnavutköy, is a small venue but is often preferred with its terrace. It is possible to listen to the music in this pleasant place on warm summer evenings, accompanied by a carefully prepared cocktail menu and the magnificent view of the terrace.

Address: Arnavutköy Mah., Bebek Arnavutköy Cad., No: 50, Beşiktaş

  1. Monkey Istanbul

Located in the Nejat Eczacıbaşı building in Beyoğlu, Monkey Istanbul is also an ideal place to enjoy pleasant music outdoors on summer evenings. Between 19.00 and 01.00 in the evening, you can try the best cocktails, watch the sunset and listen to the best music.

Address: Nejat Eczacıbaşı Building, Şişhane, Beyoğlu

  1. La Boom

La Boom, which serves all-day guests, including breakfast, is often preferred on summer evenings. In addition to the dining area for evening visits, there is a large bar, deck chairs and lounge areas. The only thing for guests is to experience delicious tastes against the unique Bosphorus view and to listen to pleasant music.

Address: Emirgan Mah., Sakip Sabanci Cad., No: 14 / A, Sariyer

  1. Klein Garten

Klein, one of Istanbul’s favourite nightlife venues, offers a unique music experience for the summer lovers outdoors. Local and foreign DJs play music until the first light of the morning; the terrace has a unique view of the Golden Horn. You can also try this delightful outdoor place to enjoy entertainment and music.

Address: Asmalimescit Mah., Mesrutiyet Cad., No: 67/6, Tepebasi, Beyoglu

  1. Backbar

Located in Bebek, Backbar is one of those places that can be enjoyed by those who want to listen to pleasant music outdoors in Istanbul. The venue features live Jazz music on Tuesdays and DJ performances on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can make summer evenings more enjoyable in this airy place.

Address: Bebek Mah., Bebek, No: 4, Besiktas

  1. Mentha

Mentha, which first met music lovers on İstiklal Street, is now located on a lovely terrace with views of the Golden Horn. In the tapas bar set up in the evening in Mentha, you can have a snack against the scenery and enjoy the open air music with DJ performances that will take place in the following hours.

Address: Kamer Hatun Mah., Mesrutiyet Cad., No: 36, Beyoglu

  1. Nuit Terrasse

Located in Beyoğlu, Nuit Terrasse is a pleasant place to listen to music outdoors. The pleasure of sipping something against the magnificent view of the place is indescribable! You can also enjoy a drink in the delicious bar in the area and enjoy the music in the following hours.

Address: Asmali Mescit Mah., Ensiz Sok., No: 10, Beyoglu

  1. Orient Terrace

Orient Terrace

Orient Terrace, one of Istanbul’s delightful outdoor venues, is located in the historic Pera Palace Hotel. It is possible to spend a pleasant evening in Orient Terrace against the magnificent view of the Golden Horn from the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul, where the sunny days starting with spring continue throughout the summer. You can add value to your time with the cocktails prepared from natural fruit juices, light and delicious tastes in the freshness of the carefully prepared summer menu and you can be a part of the history that continues to live in every corner of Pera Palace Hotel.


Address: Mesrutiyet Cad., No: 52, Tepebasi, Beyoglu


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