Special Concert Venues Guide of Istanbul

With the end of winter, the concert season starts in Istanbul. In recent years, with the addition of new ones, there are so many unique and beautiful concert venues in Istanbul that people have difficulty deciding which event to attend. Beyoglu, especially in the past as a centre of art, has become a real entertainment centre today! In this article, we will list all of Istanbul’s special concert venues. Here are the Istanbul concert venues where you will experience the best of music!

  1. Salon İKSV

 Salon İKSV, located in the historical Deniz Palas building, hosts not only concerts but also various cultural art activities. All of the İKSV halls have high-quality stage acoustics and a charming atmosphere!

 Address: Emekyemez Mah., Sishane Sok., No: 5, Beyoglu

  1. Babylon

 Babylon, which has been one of the most important concert venues of Istanbul since 1999, still continues to meet the world-famous musicians with music lovers. Babylon is among the concert venues with the best sound system in Istanbul. Moreover, it is possible to come across many local and foreign musicians in different genres!

 Address: Merkez Mah., Silahşör Cad. & Birahane Sok., Historical Bomonti Brewery, No: 1, Şişli

  1. Zorlu Center Performing Arts Center


One of the most successful performance centres opened in recent years, Zorlu PSM is located in a central location of the city. The venue is home to a variety of cultural and artistic events, as well as spectacular concerts with acoustic features. The centre hosts world-renowned musicians with a capacity of 2200 people, giving art lovers delightful moments.

 Address: Levazım Mah., Koru Sok., No: 2, Besiktas

  1. Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Stage

 Harbiye, one of the oldest concert centres of Istanbul, has been serving Istanbulites since 1947. Not only with its acoustic features but also with its distinctive architecture, this historical building host many local and foreign artists every year in certain seasons.

 Address: Harbiye Mah., Taskisla Cad., No: 8, Sisli

  1. Small Farm Park

 With a capacity of 17 thousand people, KüçükÇiftlik Park, which is a pleasant outdoor activity area, hosts quite essential events. In these activities, concerts have a more significant place.

 Address: Asmalı Mescit Mah., Şehbender Sok., No: 3, Beyoğlu

  1. Volkswagen Arena

 Volkswagen Arena, which stands out in Maslak and stands out with its capacity of 5800 people, defines itself as single-purpose and very useful. With its unique sound system, the venue hosts concerts of world famous names.

 Address: Huzur Mah., Maslak Ayazaga Cad., No: 4 / A, Sariyer

  1. Jolly Joker Istanbul

 Jolly Joker is the city’s most intense concert calendar. The venue, where famous artists often take place, offers the audience a pleasant music experience. However, if you are planning to go to a concert here, because of the serious interest, you need to reserve your place and provide your ticket.

 Address: Huseyinaga Mah., Balo Sok., No: 22, Beyoglu

  1. Pera Palace Hotel

 The historic Pera Palace Hotel is one of the most unique venues in Istanbul. The grand halls of Pera Palace Hotel have been hosting pleasant concerts since its first day. Pera Palace Hotel where the first Christmas Ball in Istanbul was held, is inviting you to a completely different music feast with its splendid halls and the atmosphere full of happenings! To have detailed information about the Pera Palace Hotel concerts, visit: Pera Palace Hotel Event Calendar


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