The 10 Best Hotels Where Literature And Art Converged

Undoubtedly, the most important steps of our travels are the places we stay in. In this direction, some hotels make us very happy with what they offer, while others can be disappointing. Today, with the development of technology, hotels are almost indistinguishable from each other. If you want to add worth to your travel, for example, to read “Crime and Punishment” in a Dostoevsky-themed hotel or to stay in a room designed by a famous artist, continue reading our article. Here are the top 10 hotels in the world where literature and art are bonded.


Ambassade Hotel- Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Ambassade Hotel, which has an extraordinary position, is located in Amsterdam. Established opposite the famous canal, this hotel is also within walking distance of famous publishers. With its carved furniture, heavily embroidered mirrors and rich upholstery, this hotel is very elegant and awaits for literary lovers. For example, the first editions of writers such as Orhan Pamuk, Jose Saramago and David Sedaris are exhibited in glass crates.


The Surrey- New York, USA

New York

The Surrey is home to New York’s largest and most important art collections. The design concept of the 90s meets art deco effects at the hotel located on Madison Avenue. It is possible to find works by famous artists such as Richard Serra, Cecily Brown and Jenny Holzer.



Inn Boonsboro Hotel- Maryland, USA


Boonsboro Hotel, which has rooms designed with inspiration from literary couples, is located in Maryland, USA. The rooms of this hotel, which was opened in 2009, are designed in line with an interesting idea. The hotel wants to welcome real happy couples by finding life in literature. In this direction, the names of famous lovers such as Jane and Rochester, Elizabeth and Darcy, Titania and Oberon created by Harlotte Bronte, Jane Austen and William Shakespeare are given to the rooms.


The Westin Palace- Madrid, Spain


The Westin Palace Madrid, where Hemingway accommodated and his famous book, The Sun Also Rises featured in, is located in Madrid. It is known that one of the goers of the bar located in The Westin Palace, which was built with the initiative of the King in 1912, was Hemingway.


Hotel Éclat- Beijing, China


It would be correct to describe Hotel Eclat, a 5-star hotel in Beijing, as a luxurious art experience. It is possible to reach the art collection with more than 100 pieces in the hotel and in the rooms. The original paintings and sculptures of such names as Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Pierre Matter, Zhang Guolang, Chen Wen Ling, Gao Xiao Wu, Zou Liang are among these works.


Cadogan Gardens- London, England


Located in a prestigious location in Knightsbridge, Cadogan Gardens has 64 rooms. This place, which looks like an unpretentious boutique hotel, has a room where King VII Edward met with British actress Lillie Langtry and also has another room where Oscar Wilde expected to be arrested in 1895.


21c Museum Hotel- Louisville, USA


From the first moment you step into the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, you can see contemporary artworks. The hotel, which was created with the restoration of a 19th-century warehouse, refers to the works of world-renowned contemporary artists.


Library Hotel – New York, USA

Library Hotel

It is undoubtedly one of the first places that come to mind with the names like New York, Arthur Miller, Henry James, Walt Whitman, JD Salinger when we say literature. One of the hotels of this reputation is the Library Hotel, which, as the name suggests, is a library hotel. If you want to have a sense of accommodation in the library, this is the right address!


The First Luxury Art Hotel- Rome, Italy


The First Luxury Art Hotel

The First Luxury Art Hotel, a hotel where first-class artworks are exhibited, is located in Rome. While staying at this hotel, it is possible to see the contemporary artworks in the suites. The hotel hosts temporary and permanent exhibitions, as each room resembles a private gallery.


Pera Palace Hotel

Pera Palace Hotel

There are districts that make Istanbul, real Istanbul. One of these districts is undoubtedly Beyoğlu. Beyoğlu is a great spot to remember the classical elegance and beauty of Istanbul. In this beautiful place, there are amazing places to visit to get to know the culture of Istanbul. One of them is the Pera Palace Hotel, which has been in the most beautiful corner of Istanbul for over 120 years and has simply challenged history. Since 1888, Pera Palace Hotel has been a frequent destination for Orient Express passengers. That place is the first hotel in Turkey with the European standards, and the founder of the New Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has been repeatedly accommodated. Room 101 where Atatürk was staying is now a museum room. Pera Palace Hotel has firsts such as the first painting exhibition, the first Christmas ball, the first kitchen where curry spice was used in the Ottoman and where the turtle soup was cooked. At the same time, important names such as Persian King Muhammad Ali Qajar and Reza Pahlavi, British King VIII Edward, Serbian King Pierre, German Ambassador Von Papen, American First Lady Jacquelin Kennedy stayed here. Many works of world-famous writers are also mentioned here. Pera Palace Hotel was built by Architect Alexandre Vallaury, which has brought many beauties to Istanbul, including the Istanbul Archeology Museum. Pera Palace Hotel is a museum-hotel due to its rooms full of memories of famous guests. Therefore, it is a hotel that must be visited and toured with its atmosphere.


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