Events Where You Can Feel the Spirit of Ramadan in the Most Special Way

The month of Ramadan is a special time when unity and solidarity are felt intensely. Thanks to the different events that are organized, the month of Ramadan has become much more enjoyable. Would you like to take a closer look at these unique traditions, many of which have been around for many years? If your answer is “Yes!”, let’s take a closer look at the events where you can feel the spirit of Ramadan in the most special way!

An Awe-Filled Event: Sufi Whirling Show

Sufi Whirling Show which is the visual and spiritual reflection of the joy and peace of Ramadan, has a special place in our culture. These shows, which take place in the most beautiful spots of various cities of our country, especially Konya, highlight the magnificence of the month of Ramadan. Sufi Whirling Show especially held in historical areas and in the courtyards of mosques, spread serenity and peace to the audience. Watching the Sufi Whirling Show can be a nice activity to make the month of Ramadan more enjoyable.

A Traditional Comedy: Karagöz ve Hacivat

Karagöz ve Hacivat show is one of the most entertaining activities that come to mind when traditional Turkish culture is mentioned, is among the events that many people watched and had an enjoyable time in their childhood. This shadow play stands out as one of the most established and most popular events in Turkey.

You can experience nostalgia with the witty Karagöz and the clever Hacivat and dive into deep thoughts while laughing. This show, which has a special place among our traditional shadow plays, is performed at many different points, especially for those who want to experience the joy of Ramadan.

Among Natural Beauties: Outdoor İftar Dinner

Outdoor iftar dinners, held both in historical places and under lush green grass and blue skies, bring the past and the present together at the same point. You can add flavor to your meals by breaking your day-long fast in an atmosphere that reflects such unity and solidarity. You can enjoy the feeling of unity and solidarity by praying with your loved ones. Outdoor iftars are one of the best experiences to experience the feelings and spirituality of Ramadan in the best way!

Meddah Shows Full of Unforgettable Stories

Meddah shows are one of the fascinating elements of Turkish culture and are among the joy-spreading events of Ramadan. While laughing out loud at the narrations of the maddahs during Ramadan nights, you can also dream of old Istanbul and dive into a nostalgic atmosphere. The maddahs, who offer humorous expressions and entertaining stories, tell short stories while making jokes that reflect Turkish culture. Thus, it allows you to experience the joy of Ramadan to your bones.

Let Your Thoughts Turn into Words: Ramadan Conversations

Ramadan conversations ensure that the peace brought by the month of Ramadan is reflected in society. These kinds of conversations are one of the best Ramadan activities to explore the depths of your spirituality and learn a lot from each other! The narratives of people who are knowledgeable in different fields, from past to present, soothe the soul and guide people. By participating in these events, listening to knowledgeable people, and talking about different topics, you can have the opportunity to get to know the spiritual enthusiasm within you more closely.

Tranquil and Enjoyable: Concert at Pera Palace Hotel

Pera Palace Hotel, one of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to the historical richness of Istanbul, is among the places where you can feel the beauty of the month of Ramadan. Founded in 1895, right across from the unique Golden Horn view, the hotel adds a different dimension to the events it organizes with its historical texture and view.

Pera Palace Hotel will allow you to have a pleasant time during Ramadan with the wonderful concerts that it hosts. While the notes fill the hall, all you have to do is sit back and rest your soul in this beautiful atmosphere. You can enjoy iftar at Pera Palace Hotel, which will appeal not only to your soul but also to your palate. You can taste the scrumptious dishes of famous chefs with your loved ones and feel the feeling of unity and solidarity deep in your soul.


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