9 Traditional Dishes and Desserts Of Ramadan Dinner

The month of Ramadan is the month of sharing, so more attention is given to the tables during the month. Because Ramadan tables bring together all family members; carefully prepared meals are eaten in this table with delight… As it is the most amazing and delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine, desserts will be inevitable to come across. What are the indispensable traditional dishes of Ramadan dinner? Here are the unique tastes that will cheer up our tables!

  1. Stuffed grape leaves

Stuffed grape leaves

One of the most memorable tastes when it comes to Ramadan tables is the stuffed grape leaves. This delicate meal is served warmly or coldly; adds meaning to tables. Stuffed grape leaves are also indispensable for Eid al-fitr tables. One of these special evenings where you will welcome your loved ones, you can give your guests a tasty feast with the leaves wrapped like a pencil.

  1. Güllaç


This delicious and light sweet is another flavour that comes to mind when you think Ramadan tables. Güllaç, the symbol of the month of Ramadan, wonderfully balances the blood sugar at the end of a long period of hunger with its light taste. For this reason, it is among the most preferred desserts this month.

  1. Tarhana soup

 Soup is the sine qua non of the Ramazan tables because, after a long period of hunger, we can satisfy our stomach. In particular, tarhana soup is an excellent starter for everyone to taste and not disturb the stomach. For this reason, it is often taken its place in our tables with its odour.

  1. Stuffed green pepper


Another traditional dish of Ramadan meals is stuffed green pepper. This delicious dish, which can be prepared with olive oil, can be preferred both as a main course and a savoury appetizer.

  1. Pilaf with chicken


Pilaf with chicken is a traditional guest hospitality dish. Therefore, it is also frequently found in Ramadan tables. The perfect accompaniment to this exquisite taste is the plenty of sparkling buttermilk and syrup desserts.

  1. Paçanga pastry

 Paçanga pastry, which offers us the best shape of pastrami, is one of the tastes we see more often with Ramadan. If you like at least pita in the dinner table, this is a very soft starter before the main course.

  1. Syrup-soaked pastry (Tulumba dessert)

Tulumba dessert)

Sherbet desserts are one of the most popular of Ramadan tables. The Syrup-soaked pastry is among the first of these flavours. After a delicious iftar meal, a sweet end can be added to the day with the dessert tasted with tea.

  1. Karnıyarık (eggplants with minced meat)

 Eggplant meeting with the minced meat, add flavour to every meal, but the Karnıyarık, we think is the most meaningful of this duo. The meeting of fried eggplants with onion, garlic, tomato and minced meat is enough to make a feast for Ramadan dinner alone.

  1. Revani


Revani, one of the most delicious sweets, is a unique taste from Ottoman cuisine. This beautiful sweet, which is very easy to make, is also frequently found in the Ramadan dinner tables.

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