Gift Ideas to Add Flavor to Father’s Day

The hunt to search for a gift for Father’s Day, which is celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year, has already begun! This special day, which is the scene of a sweet rush, may drag you into great indecision. “What should I buy so my father would be happy?” You may find it difficult to reach a final conclusion. But what if the way to your father’s heart was through his stomach? Then you can help your father multiply his happiness by accompanying him with a delicious gift. Here are the gift ideas that will not only provide you to spend a warm and loving day together but also add flavor to this special day by appealing to your father’s palate…

Enjoy Your Fish Against the Bosphorus

Boğaz'a Karşı Balık Keyfi Yapın

Istanbul is famous for its Bosphorus, which brings together a unique view with its deep blue waters. You can combine this unique view with a flavor, which you cannot find anywhere else in the world, for your father. You can enjoy fishing with your father in places that reveal a wonderful view of the Bosphorus.

Meet with Delicacies at the Historical Peninsula

Tarihî Yarımada'da Lezzetle Buluşun

The peninsula continues to embrace historical delicacies as much as it hosts historical places. These flavors, which have survived all the difficulties of the time to this day, can be a nice Father’s Day gift on your behalf. In fact, if your father spent his childhood and youth here and is fond of the delicacies of the Historical Peninsula, this gift is perfect for your father! With your father, you can eat meatballs in Sultanahmet, white beans dish in Süleymaniye, and drink boza in Vefa. Finally, you can top off your meeting in the Historical Peninsula by drinking Turkish coffee.

Fulfill Your Longing with Beyoğlu Chocolate

Beyoğlu Chocolate can be another flavor that belongs to your father’s youth. Beyoğlu may not be the old Beyoğlu, however, its chocolate defies centuries and continues to preserve its flavor. As an alternative gift option, you can bring your father together with Beyoğlu Chocolate and help him fulfill his longing. In this way, you can prepare the ground for your father to take a nostalgia tour in Beyoğlu and mediate for him to reminisce about his old days.

Do not Miss Tea Time at the Kubbeli Saloon

Library Room

One of the unforgettable gifts for Father’s Day is to enjoy tea at Pera Palace Hotel Kubbeli Saloon. Continuing its existence in the past with its historical texture and magnificent ambiance, the Kubbeli Saloon continues to host its valuable guests by combining its splendor with traditional English tea service. If you want to give your father an unforgettable day and give a memorable gift, we say do not miss the tea time! Let us remind you that the tea time in the Kubbeli Saloon is between 15.00 and 18.00 any day of the week.

Taste ‘Legendary Flavors’ at Pasha Hall

The other stop, where you can present your father with a wonderful gift by meeting with flavors, is located within the Pera Palace Hotel. Pera Palace Hotel, which has managed to carry the spirit of the time it belongs to the modern-day we live in, continues to offer privileged experiences to its guests. You too can ensure that your father will have an unforgettable experience under the magical roof of Pera Palace Hotel. You can bring your father together with flavors in the Pasha Hall, which opened its doors to honor countless important names including Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Agatha Christie, King of the United Kingdom Edward VIII, and Ernest Hemingway. In this way, you can make your father meet the ‘Legend Flavors’ menu of Legends. World-famous American writer Ernest Hemingway’s favorite, Duo of Lamb, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ indispensable Marine Spiny Lobster and Tartar, which she had introduced to the White House’s menu, Sarah Bernhardt’s sweet choice of Strawberry Crumble and the rest is waiting to meet with your father at Pasha Hall.


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