A Father’s Day Gift That Will Touch Their Soul: Saturday Morning Concerts


Each year celebrated on the third Sunday of June, Father’s Day is an amazing opportunity to show your unconditional love and gratitude to your father who is your only hero. Considering this, as Father’s Day approaches, looking out for a meaningful gift becomes inevitable. If you desire to choose the best gift for your father, we have great suggestions to give you! You can have a look at our gift suggestions that appeal to different tastes to make your father very happy on this special day, who wouldn’t mind giving you a lifetime effort and support.


It Will Remind Them of You: Wristwatches


The design and functionality of a wristwatch can say so many things about a man’s character and lifestyle. Considering this, wrist watches are a valuable and meaningful accessory for many men. Wristwatches that are given as gifts make the person remember you every time, they look at their wrist and this will make them feel special. On this Father’s Day, you can check out modern, classic, or sporty looking, very stylish, and functional wristwatch models and find the most suitable model for your father.


A Timeless Accessory for Stylish Dads: Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be an amazing gift for your father on the days when we start to feel the warm summer heat. Sunglasses that protect the eyes from external factors and help prevent various eye diseases are also a very stylish accessory that completes the combination. Among the sunglasses that are designed in different models, colors, and styles, you can choose the one that is the most suitable for your father’s face and add a stylish touch to his look.


To Show Him How Important He Is: Personalized Gifts

Personalized and photo-printed gifts are among the most preferred gift alternatives for special occasions in recent years. By preferring such gifts, you will be making your memories immortal and preparing a personal gift. Mugs, paintings, calendars, gift boxes and t-shirts with photos of your beloved father can be wonderful gift options for Father’s Day. In addition, you can also look for personalized gifts such as wallets, scarves, lighters, and pens where you can print your father’s name or initials. If you would like to, you can also look out for the specially designed basket that you can gift all at once including several different useful products and give him a marvelous gift full of little surprises.


For Tech Enthusiast Dads: Tablets

Fastly seeing the increasing of variety, technological gadgets maintain their place among the most interesting gifts. If you describe your father as a total technology enthusiast, tablets may be the right gift to give them. Tablets that can be used for purposes such as writing content, doing research, reading news, watching videos, sending e-mails, and communicating through many applications can make their work much easier. In addition, they can also do fun little activities such as playing games and watching videos, movies, and TV series with these devices. You can make your father feel like the luckiest father in the world by gifting him a tablet that he can easily carry with him around.


A Nostalgic Duo: Vinyl Record Player and Vinyl Record


Even though it is now available to listen to music with a single click from a mobile phone or computer, Vinyl Record Player still attracts the attention of people of all age groups. If you think that music has an important place among your father’s interests, you can choose a nostalgic gift that will take him back to the good old days. Give him a unique musical experience with high-quality vinyl records this Father’s Day!


For Those Who Say “My Father Is a Total Bookworm”: Book

Reading books is one of the most enjoyable hobbies that appeal to many people. If you are one of those people who say, “There is not one book that my father hasn’t read”, you can gift him a special book where he can have a pleasant time. You can search for different categories of interest such as history, art, hobby, and education. If you would like to, you can find the book that is suitable for his reading choice by looking for novel genres such as detective, science fiction, romance and classic.


For Fathers Who Are Enthusiastic About Fine Fragrances: Perfumes

There are some scents that can take us to completely different feelings or memories. Since the sense of scent is linked to memory, perfume is one of the most precious and emotional gift options we can give to our loved ones on special occasions. How would you like to gift your father with an enchanting fragrance that will show that you know him well this Father’s Day? Well then, show him how much you love him by choosing the most suitable scent for your father among the perfumes that have many options!

An Unmatched Music Feast: Saturday Morning Concerts


If you are looking for an extraordinary gift for your father, you should certainly have a look at the Saturday Morning Concerts that are held at Pera Palace Hotel, Istanbul’s favorite location with its brilliant history! You can enjoy classical music with captivating performances by talented artists by attending the events that will take place on Saturdays at 11:00 in the magnificent Grand Pera Ballroom with your father. You can give your father a completely different musical experience and give him an unforgettable gift on Father’s Day with Saturday Morning Concerts.

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