From Past to Present: Iconic Bars You Need to Visit

the most iconic bars, the most beautiful bars in istanbul

 Bars are among the most important places that determine the rhythm of the region they are located in. You may have noticed that the streets with vibrant bars are colorful and dynamic. However, there are some bars that welcome guests from all over the world with their own unique features and give them the opportunity to enjoy their drinks. So, which bars should you visit when traveling to different countries? Here are the iconic bars you must visit!

Connaught Bar – London

Chosen as the best bar in the world twice in a row, Connaught Bar is one of the popular spots for tourists that are visiting London. The bar, which became famous with the slogan “Making Perfection as the Minimum Standard”, is famous for its martini service. Offering many varieties for cocktail enthusiasts, the bar turns the task of preparing cocktails into a show and offers a visual feast to its guests. When you go to London, you can visit the bar located within the Connaught Hotel, which takes you back to the past with its elegant decoration and have a pleasant night.

Atlas Bar – Singapore

Located in Singapore’s iconic Parkview Square, Atlas Bar is the fifteenth-best bar in the world. There are fascinating works in the garden of Parkview Square, also known as the Gotham Building or Batman Building due to its flashy exterior architecture. This iconic bar has a dress code after 5 p.m. If you arrive wearing shorts, you will be warned gently by the staff.  The minute you arrive to Singapore, you should certainly visit the champagne room, which offers 250 different types of champagne and the Atlas Bar, which has a gin collection of more than 1000 bottles.

Hemingway Bar – Prague

This bar, named after the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, who also stayed at Pera Palace Hotel, is one of the most famous locations in Prague. The bar, which has more than 200 rums, is also rich with its cocktails and presentations. Rum-tasting events are even organized on some days. You can enjoy cocktails that are prepared with fruits and chocolates, accompanied by the bar’s ambiance that makes you feel like you are in the pages of history. There is only one point you should pay attention to: The rules of the bar are written on the first page of the menu. You should pay attention to these rules and order a drink to pamper yourself.

The Broken Shaker – Miami Beach

The iconic branch of The Broken Shaker, which is also located in Los Angeles, Madrid, New York, and Chicago, is located in Miami. This James Beard Award-winning bar has a porch that offers a fascinating view of the city. You can sip your drink overlooking the city view at The Broken Shaker, where old and new styles are offered together. When you go to Miami, you can stop by here, drink exotic cocktails by the pool and enjoy visiting the USA.

Nottingham Forest – Milan

the best bars in the world, milano bar in nottingham forest

Those who prepared the list of the 50 best bars in the world liken Nottingham Forest, where each drink is served differently, to Indiana Jones’ attic. The bar, which serves exotic Eastern drinks, is actually designed with inspiration from Asia. The owner of the bar, Dario Comini, was inspired by the name of a bar he came across during his trip to Asia and gave this name to his place. It is possible to see Eastern influences in the bar, especially Buddha statues.

Orient Bar – İstanbulorient bar pera palace, pera palace hotel

The most iconic bar in Istanbul is undoubtedly Orient Bar. Orient Bar, located within the Pera Palace Hotel, offers many drinks such as signature cocktails, wine varieties and alcoholic special coffees. You can enjoy your food and drinks accompanied by live music on Friday evenings at the bar, which also offers hot drinks and an a la carte menu. Orient Bar also organizes Literary Meetings by inviting special guests every month. As soon as you come to Istanbul, you should certainly stop by this iconic place, which has hosted many important names throughout history and offers real bar pleasure. You can visit Pera Palace Hotel right away to make a reservation and pamper yourself.


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