About the Legendary City of Istanbul… 5 Historical Places That Continue to Host Their Guests Today

Istanbul with seven hills is a metropolis where many ethnic groups have lived together for more than centuries. In this way, the culture of eating and drinking is also quite broad. If you’re curious about the venues of Istanbul that have hosted a history and that bring together the tastes that have become a thing that you keep repeating with utter nostalgia; Come and let’s, take a look at them together.

1. Rejans Russian Restaurant

Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com.tr/Restaurant_Review-g293974-d10245353-Reviews-1924Istanbul-Istanbul.html

The story of Rejans Russian Restaurant begins when three Russian friends fleeing the Russian Revolution come to Istanbul and take over a Russian restaurant in Beyoğlu, which was then known as Turkuaz. The regulars of the restaurant, which has been operating in Beyoğlu since 1932, are also very important names. In the restaurant where Atatürk often went and ate, table number two is always reserved for him. Since 1938, Atatürk’s table has been preserved in a reserved state by the venue. Although the Russian restaurant with a century-old history was closed in 2015 due to problems with the owner, a South African chef brings Rejans back to life. The venue, which is now operational again, continues to host its visitors in the same ambiance and location.

2. Orient Express Restaurant

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Between 1883 and 1977, the train, known as the Express d’Orient, was in service from Paris to İstanbul. This most iconic train of its era; brought many famous names, well-known politicians, and artists to our country. For this reason, Orient Express Restaurant and Sirkeci Station were among the places that the world turned its attention to. Even though the Express d’Orient is no longer running, the Orient Express Restaurant still continues to serve its visitors. The restaurant, which serves Turkish dishes, has also become one of the best train station restaurants in the world. You should definitely visit the place visited by tourist groups visiting Sirkeci.

3. Ayaspaşa Russian Restaurant

Ayaspaşa Rus Lokantası

Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com.tr/Restaurant_Review-g293974-d1045682-Reviews-Ayaspasa_Russian_Restaurant-Istanbul.html

 The tastes of the restaurant are astonishing; it was opened in 1943 by Hungarian immigrant Judith Krischanovski and her White Russian husband. In 1979, Cemal Ok, who worked as a busboy in the restaurant for many years, bought the place and continued to operate it. Until he bought this place, he did not neglect to learn the secrets of making the foods so delicious from Madam Judith. Ayaspaşa Russian Restaurant hosts unusual flavors that we are not very familiar with such as yellow vodka and borscht. The restaurant is located in Gümüşsuyu; it is one of the cleanest, most simple, and most stylish places. Bringing many different flavors together with the visitors, the restaurant also offers live music on some days during the winter season.

4. Pandeli Restaurant

Pandeli Restoran

Source: https://vogue.com.tr/metropol/son-istanbul-beyi-pandeli-restoran

Located on the upper floor of the Spice Bazaar, Pandeli Restaurant has a century-old history. Although it was closed in the past years, the restaurant, which has started to serve again today, has hosted many important names. After the restoration, it continues to bring its visitors together with its unique tastes. It is known that Atatürk had often visited here; its blue tiles stand out with their tasteful and historical texture. After visiting the Spice Bazaar, you can have a nice meal here.

5. Hacı Abdullah Restaurant

Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com.tr/Restaurant_Review-g293974-d806407-Reviews-Haci_Abdullah_Lokantasi-Istanbul.html

Continuing to serve in Beyoğlu since 1888, Hacı Abdullah Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants of Ottoman cuisine. The restaurant is maintained with a master-apprentice relationship. Combining many traditional flavors of the Ottoman Empire, the restaurant impresses with its unique flavors. The restaurant is a great location for those who want to experience the traditional tastes of the Ottoman Empire.

6. Pera Palace Hotel

With the Paris-Istanbul service of the Orient Express starting in 1888, the lack of a place for the high class to stay in Istanbul caused problems. For this reason, Pera Palace Hotel has been built. Pera Palace Hotel opens its doors as one of the biggest buildings in Istanbul and marks many firsts. The Hotel owns the building’s electricity, the first electric elevator, and the first running water outside the Ottoman Palace in Istanbul. Pera Palace Hotel, the first hotel in Turkey to meet European standards, has witnessed historical events since its establishment and is considered one of the most important symbols of the city’s culture. Pera Palace has hosted Mustafa Kemal Atatürk many times since 1917. After returning from the front, Atatürk uses room 101 as a home for making important decisions for the country and hosting his senior guests. The room was converted into a museum room in 1981, the 100th anniversary of Atatürk’s birth. Atatürk’s personal belongings are also exhibited here. For this reason, Pera Palace has the characteristics of a “museum hotel”. There is Agatha Restaurant inside the hotel. This serves as the main restaurant of the hotel. The restaurant where Turkish, Italian, and French cuisines come together; is open for visitors from breakfast. Orient Bar, on the other hand, is one of the rare places where many intellectuals meet and will help you to experience the real bar pleasure that has started to be forgotten. Patisserie de Pera is one of the rare places in the Pera Palace Hotel. The place, which has signed many Turkish and French flavors, offers its guests a unique atmosphere with its authentic decoration.


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