Elegant and Delicious Desserts to Add Joy to Your Holiday Visits

It is the most delicious honey and milk desserts that brings everything together on the banquet tables prepared with the traditional tastes of Turkish cuisine during the holidays. Many of the traditional honey desserts of the Turks are among the classic flavors of the holiday. Many flavors from the palace cuisine are preferred in milk puddings. Those who look for alternative tastes during their holiday visits by going beyond the traditional choices, enliven the tables with various dessert options from the world cuisine. If you want to add joy to your holiday visits, you can find many options with extraordinary dessert options that dazzle with their stylish appearance and taste!


A Taste Unique to Poland: Karpatka Dessert


Karpatka dessert is an elegant-looking, easy-to-serve, light and delicious dessert in Polish cuisine. With its crispy dough, unique vanilla-flavored cream, and small fruit particles, Karpatka may be the dessert you are looking for during holiday visits. The dessert, which is mostly prepared in a rectangular shape and made into small square slices and served with tea, can also be cooked in a round shape if desired. Thus, the top of the Karpatka dessert, which looks like a cake, is decorated with powdered sugar. Karpatka, which you can include on the dinner table during the holiday, is also a true coffee dessert.


A Unique Dessert Option with an Elegant Presentation and a Taste: Cheesecake


You can make delicious and stylish dessert presentations during holiday visits by preparing the cheesecakes prepared with springform pans for tea, coffee hours and special days in portioned cups. If you want your cheesecake to have an aroma, you should use jelly with components of this aroma on the top layer of the cake. For the orange-flavored cheesecake, you can add orange food coloring to the top layer, which you will prepare with orange juice, orange zest, sugar, water, and starch to make your presentation more colorful. With this method, you can prepare many portions of cheesecake with lemon, blueberry, strawberry, black mulberry, and different flavors and add joy to your holiday visits.


A Wonder of Flavor with Few Ingredients: Pavlova


Pavlova, a dessert from New Zealand cuisine, is extremely easy to make, looks so elegant and tastes delicious. Meringues form the base of the dessert, which you can color with innumerable fruit varieties. The soft cream on the crispy base of pavlova will add color to your holiday visits when prepared in portions and the aromas of different fruits offer you and your guests an unforgettable taste feast.


Cute Guest on the Holiday Plate: Mini Mole Cake

Mole cake, which is a very pleasant dessert to eat with its delicious, whipped cream filling and banana pieces between the soft chocolate cake, gets a much cuter appearance when it is prepared in portions. These mini mole cakes can be the sweetest guest on your plate during holiday visits. Cakes that resemble a small mole with cocoa powder on top can be decorated in different ways and presented in a more decorative way. If you are looking for a flavor with cocoa during tea hours and with holiday coffees, portioned mole cakes can add joy to your holiday.


The Meeting Point of Nostalgic Desserts, Indispensable for Holidays and Modern Tastes: Patisserie de Pera

Patisserie de Pera

There is a wide variety of desserts that will add color to your holiday visits with desserts in portions and kilograms. You can choose a dessert from the world cuisine that you like both in appearance and taste and try to make it yourself or buy it ready-made. If you want both nostalgic Turkish flavors and modern dessert options to be present at the feast table, you can choose the unique desserts of Patisserie de Pera.

Patisserie de Pera, which establishes a bridge of taste between the past and the present with its authentic French cakes, the pearl of Turkish cuisine, desserts with syrup and handmade chocolates, is ready to add quality and happiness to your holiday visits! By choosing your favorite dessert from Patisserie de Pera, you can double the holiday enthusiasm on the table.


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