5 Best Places in Istanbul for a Vintage Wedding Concept

If you have a personality that is romantic, melancholic, or longing for the past, vintage or rustic weddings are for you. Even if your personality is not close to nostalgia, you can organize a different wedding from the classic wedding concept. If you are going to design your wedding inspired by the old times, you can organize it in vintage style or rustic style in the countryside, or combine all of them.

A wedding concept organized with the elegant, romantic and artistic elements of the past is a fascinating organization from start to finish. On this special day, where love, friendships, entertainment and relationships are reinforced, it is also possible to benefit from the breezes of the past, from space to decorations.
We have researched 5 venues where a vintage wedding concept can be realized in the most beautiful locations of Istanbul, where history and vintage aesthetics are still alive.

Vintage Wedding Organization with Little Touches

You can choose your tablecloths in beige lace or linen colour. Also decorating the tables with plenty of flowers will please your guests. Use antique looking tableware. You can place old-looking wrought iron bird cages on the tables and decorate them. If you are going to decorate your wedding yourself, take glass cups and wrap them with linen, lace or burlap fabrics and decorate them with ribbons. If you add tealight candles into the cups, you will get an enormous view. Vintage-style wooden chairs are always ideal, but if you don’t have an alternative, you can have the chairs covered with suitable fabrics. Candlesticks, mirrors, birdcages and old photographs are indispensable for vintage decor.

Pera Palace Hotel

Pera Palace, which has an important place in the history of Istanbul, Europe and the Ottoman Empire, will be a unique venue choice for a vintage, nostalgic wedding concept. It was designed by Architect Alexander Vaullary in the last period of the Ottoman Empire in order to offer accommodation in European standards to the distinguished passengers of the Orient Express train from France to Istanbul. The architect, who designed one of the most important structures of the period architecture in Istanbul, created a cult by feeding on the Ottoman architectural understanding and the Western architectural understanding in the building design. One of the most popular vintage wedding venues, Pera Palace Hotel can be called a wonderland located in Beyoğlu. Weddings that take place in a place where elegance meets special days, make your unforgettable day even more valuable with its experienced team and distinguished menu. In addition to the organizations, it is one of the most preferred venues of its unique atmosphere, quality service and Unlimited Luxury approach, where daytime corporate invitations such as wedding ceremonies, circumcisions, weddings and corporate dinners take place.

Adile Sultan Sarayı

Adile Sultan Palace, which was built by Sultan Abdulaziz for his sister Adile Sultan, which is in the most dominant position of Kandilli on the Bosphorus between 1861-1870, will be one of the best choices for a vintage wedding concept.

This palace, which stands against the legendary beauty of Istanbul with its panoramic Bosphorus view, has been restored 3 times from 1876 to 2006, but its elegant and magnificent architecture has always been preserved. The palace enchants its guests from the very first moment with its grand entrance and exterior architecture. The palace’s chandeliers, marble floor, wall and column decorations create a chic vintage breeze, while its magnificent stairs, garden across the Bosphorus and a large hall remind you that you are in a real palace.

Sait Halim Paşa Yalısı

This mansion, which has a historical importance, takes its name from the Grand Vizier Sait Halim Paşa. Sait Halim Paşa, one of the grandchildren of the Egyptian Governor Kavalalı Mehmet Ali Paşa, bought the shares of his brothers to become the sole owner of this mansion. In 1968, the Republic of Turkey due to the change in lean organizations then passed to the Bank of the Republic of Turkey Tourism Development Bank.

Mansion can now be used as a hotel with private business rights, bringing Istanbul’s vintage theme together with those who love it.

Sait Halim Paşa Mansion offers its guests a privileged area with its location on the Bosphorus, without spoiling its unique texture in its 150-year history. The mansion, which opens its doors to many events and organizations, is also a great option for wedding organizations. It is possible to choose nostalgic themes suitable for its atmosphere and to experience the unique texture of Istanbul once again in the wedding concepts held in the mansion.

Hotel Les Ottomans

Les Ottomans offers a unique balance by combining the decoration understanding of the Ottoman under the influence of European and Turkish style with modern and elegant textures. The hotel, which is located on an area of approximately 5000 square meters, offers spaciousness to its guests both indoors and outdoors. Although it brings together flamboyant colours and forms in its wide and high room-halls, it offers an eye-pleasing decoration away from the chaos. Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Baroque and modern interior architecture was prepared by the eyes of 10 Ottoman Harem women with different temperaments. A similar understanding has been adopted in the halls of the hotel.

Beykoz Deri ve Kundura Fabrikası

Beykoz Deri ve Kundura Fabrikası is one of the oldest factories in Istanbul, which was established as a tannery in 1810. The factory provided the supply of shoe leather products to the Ottoman and Turkish army. With the privatization decision, Beykoz Deri ve Kundura Fabrikası joined Yıldırım Holding in 2004. After this process, it continued to serve the creative industry, acting with the responsibility given by its cultural value. Beykoz Deri ve Kundura Fabrikası has turned into a platform serving the TV series and cinema industry as of 2005. It is also possible to prepare a vintage concept as you wish at Beykoz Deri ve Kundura Fabrikası, which offers 2 separate event areas for those who want to hold a wedding. In addition, the fact that the interior of this historical building is completely naked opens the way for options that you can choose in the wedding organization. Of course, with one condition: not to damage the structure.

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