Cocktail Traditions Around the World

Cocktails are delicious beverages that are made by mixing different drinks in certain proportions. They are enriched with flavors such as lemon, fruit juice and syrup and consumed with pleasure. Cocktails, some of which have a refreshing effect while others are sweet or tartish, carry traces of the countries and cultures where they were discovered all over the world. Let’s have a look at these delicious cocktails, which are consumed with pleasure around the world.

From Mexico to the World: Margarita

When it comes to cocktails, there is no doubt that margarita comes first! Although the margarita, whose history dates back to the 1930s, continues to maintain the mystery of its discovery, it is known that this refreshing and delicious cocktail has spread all over the world from Tijuana, Mexico. Margarita, which can be served with ice, without ice, or shaken with ice, is usually prepared by mixing tequila, triple sec (orange liqueur) and lemon juice. Some types of margaritas also contain syrup. It is served with a lemon or fruit slice in a glass with a salt-filled rim.

Traditional Taste of Cuba: Mojito

Mojito is an alcoholic cocktail discovered in Cuba and consumed all around the world. Mojito, which first became popular in America at the end of the 80s, managed to carry its fame throughout the world in the 90s. Mojito, one of the most popular cocktails today, has a refreshing effect. For this reason, it is consumed mostly in the summer months. This delicious cocktail is created by mixing rum, lime, sugar, mint, and soda. The mint and sugar in the cocktail alleviate the bitter taste of rum, allowing the drink to be consumed with pleasure.

Italy’s Gift to the World: Martini

It is possible to say that Martini is the favorite cocktail of white wine lovers. Martini, which has been consumed for over a hundred years, was discovered in Turin, Italy, in 1847. Martini, which prefers white wine as the main ingredient, is created by adding water, caramel, sugar, fragrant herbs, and spices to the wine. Today, there are six different varieties of martini. The popular drink is served in a shallow yet wide glass, accompanied by lemon peel or green olives.

A Characteristic Flavor from Puerto Rico: Pina Colada

Pina colada, inherited from the 19th century, attained its current form in the 20th century. Pina colada is a drink dominated by tropical flavors. Pina colada contains white rum, coconut oil and pineapple juice. Served with ice and pineapple slices, the cocktail is frequently consumed in holiday destinations around the world, especially in Central and Latin America, because of its refreshing properties.

A Unique Taste from England: Bramble

Bramble, which came to life in London in the 1980s, is a drink known worldwide and among the best spring cocktails. The cocktail is served in a chilled highball glass. Prepared by mixing gin, sugar syrup, blackberry liqueur and fresh lemon juice in certain proportions, bramble is served with red fruits or lemon slices. The drink, which leaves a mark on the palate with its taste, is also an ideal option for those who prefer cocktails that are prepared with gin.

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