The Most Important Books Written About Republic, The First Step of Modern Turkey

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Our Republic founded 100 years ago, continues to inspire millions with its epic story. In order to understand our republic, which was established with many difficulties, it is necessary to know the period and the conditions it was in. If you are wondering under what conditions this epic was written, you can add the works talking about our glorious history to your library. Here are the most important books written about republic, the first step of modern Turkey!

1. Şevket Süreyya Aydemir – Tek Adam Mustafa Kemal

The book Tek Adam Mustafa Kemal, consisting of three volumes, discusses how the Republic of Turkey became a developed country, rising from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, which formalized its collapse by signing the Treaty of Sevres. It deals with Turkey’s transformation from a traditional empire into a brand-new nation aiming for progress in the Western sense. The work, which analyzes Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s personality as well as his revolutionism, offers a historical feast to its readers.

2. Erik Jan Zürcher – Turkey: A modern history

Prof. Dr. Erik Jan Zürcher, who is a lecturer in Amsterdam and head of the Turkey Department of the International Institute of Social History, discusses the history of Turkey from the 1800s to the present within the framework of the modernization process in this work. It examines the modernization story of the Turks with its political, social, and economic dimensions. The work, which reflects different information with original and meticulous work is taught as a textbook in some universities in Europe and the USA.

3. Çağlar Keyder – State and Class in Turkey

This work, which analyzes social formation, deals with capitalist development. It chronologically deals with the formation of class balances in the Republic of Turkey due to Ottoman social legacies, the bourgeois class that emerged with capitalism and the bourgeoisie’s threat to the bureaucracy. The work, which also deals in depth sociologically with the process that has developed since the last periods of the Ottoman Empire is a candidate to be a favorite book for history enthusiasts.

4. İlber Ortaylı, İsmail Küçükkaya – Cumhuriyet’in İlk Yüzyılı (1923-2023)

The work, prepared together by Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı and Journalist İsmail Küçükkaya, covers the first hundred years of the Republic of Turkey, starting from the modernization process of the Ottoman Empire. The work begins with the period of Abdulhamid II, the understanding of modernity of the period, the days of tyranny and the Ottoman officers who rebelled against the pressure and then moves on to the Period of National Struggle. The difficult times of the single-party period and the pains of the transition to a multi-party system are also discussed in the book.

5. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk – Nutuk

The most important work that tells the history of the Republic and sheds light on the new generation is undoubtedly Nutuk(A Speech). Atatürk read this work in 6 days and more than 36 hours at the 2nd congress of the Republican People’s Party held in Ankara in 1927. This great work tells us in realistic language, from the mouth of the main hero of the event, the period starting from Atatürk’s arrival in Samsun to the declaration of the republic. Nutuk, which sheds light on the present and future of the Turkish nation, is one of the most realistic sources of the history of the republic.

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