Top 8 Books Pera Palace Hotel Is Mentioned

Pera Palace Hotel, built to welcome the precious guests of Orient Express, Europe’s most luxurious train, has hosted many important names throughout its history. Pera Palace Hotel, one of the most magnificent buildings of Istanbul, is extraordinarily sumptuous and comfortable just like Orient Express. In fact, in the period when it was built, it was the first building the electricity was provided beside the Ottoman palaces in Istanbul; Pera Palace Hotel is also the only building with the first electric elevator and the only building that hot water provided.

Pera Palace Hotel has been challenging history in its location for nearly 120 years and still continues to host significant guests, and its fascinating history has prompted it to have a place in many books. In this article, we will introduce you the books where Pera Palace Hotel is mentioned. Here are the books you can find Pera Palace Hotel in it!

  1. Midnight at the Pera Palace – Charles King

The famous writer Charles King, in his novel “Midnight at the Pera Palas”, tells the birth of Modern Istanbul in a very immersive language. The book describes the transformation of Istanbul from the Sultanate to the global city in the splendid hotel, Pera Palace, which was built in the last demises of the Ottoman Empire and survived various historical events throughout the history of the Republic.

  1. Pera Palace Hotel- Andreas Augustin

Andreas Augustin, a historian writer, has many books for exclusive hotels. After visiting the Pera Palace Hotel, he has also compiled a book titled “Pera Palace Hotel” for the 121st anniversary of this historic hotel.

  1. Pera Palas- Abidin Dino

One of the most popular books Pera Palace Hotel mentioned is “Pera Palas” that was written by Abidin Dino. Pera Palas, originally written in French, is translated into Turkish by Samih Rifat. In the book Dino; depicts Çiçek Pasajı with its taverns and colourful fishermen; also describes Pera Palace Hotel and Galata Tower by inspiring by the world literature.

  1. Farewell, My Beautiful Motherland

Farewell, My Beautiful Motherland depicts the story of Union and Progress Party member Şehsuvar Sami straddling between her homeland and the woman she loves during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and establishing of the New Turkish Republic. In the novel, the main question pending for the reader is “State is sacred or is it human?”. The book consists of 45 letters written by Şehsuvar Sami to his ex-lover Ester, whom he could not forget despite their separation. In the novel, Şehsuvar Sami is staying in Pera Palace Hotel.

  1. The Pera Palas, A Historical Hotel Overlooking the Golden Horn- Jak Deleon

Jak Deleon is an author, historian, and scholar who has stayed at the Pera Palace Hotel for several months to write his story about the hotel in an impressive way.  Because Pera Palace, located in the hills above the Golden Horn, is more than a hotel; It is a museum that hosts the realities and legends of Istanbul’s near past…

  1. Pera Palas- Gerard Oberle

In the novel by the famous writer Gerard Oberle at the Pera Palace Hotel, a strange and bloody adventure, in which the hero named Chassignet was dragged along Istanbul trip, is described. Chassignet, a middle-aged, slightly disgruntled woman, unwillingly intervenes in a mindless trick. She will be friendly to three different nationalities during her travels to Istanbul and then to Konya. Along with her three friends, as a result of a series of chasings of Istanbul’s exotic places such as Pera Palace Hotel, a mysterious villa, a private hammam, a prison, Chassignet realises that events develop in a different direction than predicted.

  1. Serenade- Zülfü Livaneli

Zülfü Livaneli, one of the romantic writers of Turkish literature, once again influenced his readers with his story Serenade, a different story of love among the brutal pages of history whose lead role belongs to the human. In the book, everything starts in February 2001, when Maya Duran, a public relations officer at Istanbul University, meets with German professor Maximilian Wagner from the United States. The professor has previously lived in Istanbul and wants to stay at the Pera Palace Hotel, where he previously stayed during his Istanbul visit. As a result, the book reveals the fact that, with love lasting for 60 years, it is “human” that is wasted on all political problems.

  1. Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie, the best-selling author of all time, is rumoured to have written her famous detective novel The Murder on the Orient Express, in room 411 at the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul. The book does not take place in Istanbul, but the character Poirot comes to Istanbul with Toros Express for a few days after the return of Syria. Immediately after settling in Tokatliyan Hotel, due to an urgent telegraph, he booked a seat in Orient Express and had to leave the country.


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